‘Insecure’ #TeamIssa vs. #TeamLawrence Viewers Have Divided Everyone’s Twitter Timelines, Where Do You Stand?
For the last eight weeks, every Sunday night at exactly 10:30 p.m., your social media timelines became full of one thing, and one thing only: heated and never-ending discussions about what just went down on HBO’s newest (and dopest) series, Insecure. With the brain power of show creator, executive producer and star Issa Rae powering the show it wasn’t hard to fall in love and get invested. We the fans devoted 30 minutes of watching (and tweeting about) the fictional relationship that most viewers found both realistic and relatable—and reading the commentary each week has made it all the more amazing. From the spectacular soundtrack—which Black television has been missing since we can’t even remember—to hilarious, spot-on new catch phrases like “achilles dick” and “broken pussy”—Insecure gave us comedic gold that combined all things love, friendship and professionalism in Black America for the first time since Girlfriends. Seriously, we, as a culture, needed this. While it’s been a fun ride through season one, Sunday night’s season finale left most friend groups conflicted, with group chats imploding over the most jaw-dropping moments. We were congratulating Molly for (finally) realizing she was hurting herself (like most of us are, me included), affirming that some times having your friends to tell you like it is isn’t a bad thing. But, the most fired up debate of the evening was about who was on the wrong side of right in the relationship drama that unfolded between Lawrence and Issa. #TeamLawrence vs. #TeamIssa quickly took over the timeline and the conversation that ensued about cheating, forgiveness and truly being broken as f**k was everything.       At its core, the unfolding of Issa and Lawrence’s relationship hit a nerve that most people who are dating, have dated, or are going to one day date know all too well—cheating sucks, especially for the person who did the cheating. When Issa cheated, the TL swayed one way. When Lawrence uncovered the truth about the “itch she needed to scratch”, we all waited with baited breath to find out what would happen next. By the end of episode 8, most women were clutching their pearls and cussing at the TVs, while the men were giving Lawrence imaginary daps for a revenge plot well done after he slept with the bank teller who had been throwing herself at him all season. The show jump-started a much-needed conversation between the masses about love, cheating and all of the complicated emotions in between. Having already been green-lit for season 2, the show’s is certainly not done playing with your emotions and your moral compass–and honestly we can’t wait.