<p>Healthy Endings vs Happy Endings: ESSENCE Editors Break Down Issa and Molly's Biggest Dilemmas On 'Insecure'</p>

Although some fans wanted a happier ending for Issa and Lawrence, isn't a healthy one enough?


Now that we have a year to go before fans get to dig into new episodes of HBO’s Insecure, there’s plenty of time to unpack the dynamic season 2 story lines and recover from what went down in the finale.

Of course, the juicy going-ons in the live of the characters on Insecure offer daily fodder for our staff, so Monday morning conversations are heavy and the conversations continues throughout the week.

Now that the ESSENCE edit team has had a few days to recover from Issa (Issa Rae) and Lawrence’s (Jay Ellis) grown-ass breakup conversation and Molly letting Dro back in, we have some thoughts.

Although some fans wanted a happy ending between Issa and Lawrence, isn’t a healthy one even better? Both Issa and Lawrence took ownership of their part in their split and apologized to each other for it in a real way. Does the end of a five year relationship get any realer than that?

And, as for Molly? Girl, what were you thinking letting a good one (Quentin) go in favor a married one (Dro)? Ladies, can we talk about it? Watch our epic finale recap convo below.