You go to church to learn how you can strengthen your relationship with God, for fellowship with people of similar faith, and to get pumped up for the week ahead. You don’t go to church expecting to talk about sex.

Indiana’s Blender Church is turning that taboo on its head with the My Empty Sex Life campaign, promoting a three-part series on S-E-X…

Blender created the website,, featuring promotional videos to get visitors to ask, “Why can’t we talk about sex in church?”

“Statistics show that over 50 percent of married people are not satisfied with their sex lives,” the website reads. “…You would think with all the information out there about sex, that this number would be lower.”

The series addresses apprehension about sex, due to over-saturation in society, with a message that says, “God invented it; God knows it; God can redeem it.”

“…Sex seems to be everywhere, but is anybody really talking about it — seriously? …Let’s talk. All you have to lose is your empty sex life!”

I love this idea! As a child who grew up in a very conservative church, I wish this had been a topic of discussion in my Bible study classes, during a sermon or even a youth meeting. Sex is natural. Every human desires sex. Often we feel like we have to suppress our sexual desires lest we become corrupted, but actually being open about it in church could lead us to act more responsibly and be more open with our bodies and our partners.

If you’re in Indianapolis in April, visit the Blender Church at 2215 Country Club Road on April 3, 10 and 17.