Every now and then ever-so-humble Hollywood hunk Idris Elba treats fans to a rare and wonderful sighting—an up close and personal look at those perfectly chiseled abs. That’s right, ladies of the world, we have a major eye candylicious announcement: Idris Elba is shirtless, sweaty and just in time to make your Monday all better. The gorgeous leading man with the strapping shoulders, smooth accent and out-of-this world acting swag shared a shirtless selfie on Instagram and left his massive female fan base breathless and wanting more. The magical moment happened in the middle of the night, but Elba’s most loyal fans didn’t let a little sleep keep them from missing the moment. “He’s the only reason I don’t hate today,” wrote one fan in Elba’s comment section. “Oh my yum,” chimed in another. We couldn’t agree more. Elba, who will reprise his role as Heimdall in the upcoming film Thor; Ragnarok, says he’s gearing up for a big boxing match on Wednesday.  We have no idea who he’s planning to meet in the ring, but we’d like to buy two tickets please. According to Elba’s tempting feed, this is just part of his ongoing training for the big match. He’s already shared a few equally tempting workout videos to show off his progress. Two words: more please! TOPICS: