Looking to let off a little “steam” after hours? You might want to curl up in bed and hop on Twitter tonight.

In the latest social media trend, Many adults are up late on the site participating in an unofficial after hours Twitter party known as Twitter After Dark (#tad), during which users send sexy and flirtatious tweets to one another.

TAD made the news recently when actor Idris Elba accidentally shared a hot shirtless photo of himself to his over 240,000 fans. He quickly removed the tweet when he realized what he’d done, but not before his fans were all over the steamy shot. Rumors began to swirl about who the picture was originally intended for and whether or not he was wearing any pants.

We won’t lie, we thought about it too. Although Idris promptly withdrew the photo, tweeting  “Dammmmm too late!! It’s gone…” many media sites and celebrity news blogs had already grabbed a copy. The lesson here: Stay off of TAD if you’re not sure you’re ready to share!

Have you ever sent a sexy photo on Twitter? Did you have any regrets?

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