10 Selfish Reasons for Sex

Sex for Self

A recent study found that people who have sex for selfish reasons compared to people who have sex for unselfish reasons. The study — conducted by Kwantlen Polytechnic University grad student Hayley Leveque and psychology professor Cory Pederson — studied two sets of couples. Thirty couples were in the 18 to 25 age range and thirty couples were 30 and over. The younger group tended to have sex for selfish reasons — i.e. I want to feel good. The older group tended to have sex for different reasons — including I want to show my partner that I love him or sex is what we do every Friday night… While Leveque and Pederson thought that sexual satisfaction would get better as couples became less sexually self-focused, the found the exact opposite. It turns out the selfish lovers were more satisfied than the selfless lovers. Meaning have sex because you want to please yourself and you’ll have better sex; you’ll probably end up pleasing your lover more too. There’s one way that it really pays to put yourself first. We came up with 10 self-focused reasons for you to have sex tonight.

10. Thrifty Sister

You don’t want your Brazilian wax to go to waste.

9. Ego Boost

You just bought a new lacey underwear set and can’t wait for your man to tell you how amazing you look in it before you take it off.

8. Need a Nap

You haven’t been sleeping well and you need your man to put you bed.

7. Rewards

You got that promotion at work and you deserve a proper congratulations.

6. De-stress

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5. It’s Your Day

It’s your birthday and “Birthday Sex” is not just a song by Jeremih.

4. Hot Boy

Your man is really sexy and you want to press yourself against his naked body for a while.

3. You’ve got moves

You learned about a new move in pilates class and can’t wait to to twist and shout.

2. Orgasm Training

You’re perfecting your orgasm. Practice makes perfect.

1. Just Because

You’re just horny! Duh!