If there’s one thing we know about Gabrielle Union, it’s that she’ll go to the moon and back for her family. To celebrate her husband Dwyane Wade’s 39th birthday, the actress and fitness guru bought a vintage gift that’s been sitting at the top of his wishlist.

This week, the former Miami Heat player was lead outside to his driveway and saw a 1988 Mercedes Benz convertible waiting for him. He was so excited to see the new car, he almost forgot to hug his wife in gratitude (luckily, he turned right back around for a kiss.) “One week before I turn 39 and @gabunion has already started with the surprises,” Wade said in a video capturing the big reveal filmed by his son Zaire. “She just raised the bar #1988 Classic!”

Wade shared another photo of his new set of wheels, saying his wife has officially “raised the bar” this time around.

Union also wished her husband a happy birthday on Instagram by posting a family photo in front of the gift she brought.

The gift is certainly a great way to brighten up this long period in quarantine. While appearing on Taraji P. Henson’s new mental health Facebook Watch show Peace of Mind With Taraji, Union explained how spending extended periods of time at home with her husband and kids during the pandemic has shaped their relationship. “It has been hard during the quarantine because we are in the same space,” she said. “I have not been home in any kind of consistent way since I have been an adult. So just getting to know my husband, which sounds crazy. I was like, ‘Oh, every day, every day you’re going to be here? I guess this is healthy.’ I just feel a little more naked, exposed, because I’m just on Zoom with the therapist.”

We love a good Black love moment! Happy birthday Dwyane Wade!

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