When Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade tied the knot nearly four years ago, they instantly became one of our favorite celebrity couples. Whether they are supporting each other in their respective careers or having adorable dance parties on one of their epic #WadeWorldTour vacations, the two have been the source of love inspo for many, who have since labeled their relationship goal-worthy. But the actress is the first to tell you that she and Wade’s marriage isn’t one that is always picture perfect. Recently, the actress revealed why she hopes other couples don’t look to her and the Miami Heat star as a “goals.”
“Stop listening to people who have failed miserably at relationships as they offer relationship advice; that’s the first thing. Second, my ‘perfect’ relationship isn’t the next person’s. Stop comparing your life, your love and your marriage,” the 45-year-old actress told Ebony. “Don’t try to have a relationship for the sake of other people because you’re going to be empty inside,” she added. “Your relationship won’t have any substance because it’s all about show and not a deeper foundation.” After her lists of no-nos, Union did offer insight into what couples should be looking for when building a strong relationship. “Whatever that is or however that looks to you, there should be peace, grace and joy with anything you do, whether that’s a relationship, business, friendship or hobbies,” she explained. “Make sure that it brings you peace, that it allows you to have grace and that it brings you a ton of joy. How that takes shape, what it looks like, whom you chose, [is up to you].”

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Union and Wade met in 2009 at former NBA star Alonzo Mourning’s Summer Groove Charity event. By Christmas 2013, after splitting briefly, the three-time NBA champ popped the question with the help of his sons Zaire and Zion and nephew, Dahveon. At a lavish August 2014 wedding at a castle venue, Chateau Artisan, in front of a host of family and friends, the two said “I do.” This isn’t the first time that Union has opened up about her and Wade’s marriage being one that is admired by many. “People are like ‘goals’; me and D are like, ‘WTF?’ We’ve kind of figured it out now, but I guess maybe we should tweet live from couples’ therapy,” she told Complex in 2017. We can say Amen to that.