In a recent episode of their Instagram Live show “The Wine Down,” Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade were joined by Stephen and Ayesha Curry for some real relationship talk. During the conversation, Union applauded the Currys for thriving in such a loving and committed marriage and admits to giving them some radical relationship advice years ago.

“’You should just break up now and have sex with other people,’ ” Union said she advised them before they were married. “I used different language but is that not what I told y’all both?”

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Today, ESSENCE had the pleasure of speaking with Union on IG live about the release of her new children’s book Welcome To The Party and why she’s glad the Currys didn’t take her advice. “The point of me sharing that story is, ‘why are you listening to people who don’t know you or what’s in your heart?’ At that time, I’d never accomplished what they were trying to do. So, don’t listen to me! And thank God they didn’t.”

Union says she’s amused that her conversation with the Currys went so viral, but says the moral of that story is, “everyone is going to have an opinion, and everyone don’t know you.”

Amen to that!


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