We Absolutely Can’t Stop Watching This Video of Gabrielle Union Kissing Her Newborn Daughter


The new mom and her husband Dwyane Wade are savoring every little moment with their new daughter, Kaavia.
Charli Penn Dec, 07, 2018

Proud new mom Gabrielle Union is glowing and loving every second of motherhood and sharing them too.

Ever since Union and her husband, NBA star Dwayne Wade, surprised fans last month with the news that they’d welcomed a daughter, the star has generously shared their journey as new parents on social media.

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Baby girl Kaavia James was born via surrogate on November 7. She’s one month old today and already an Instagram star. Union recently posted the most adorable video showing a tender moment she shared with baby Kaavia in which she can be seen kissing her gently as the 90s classic “I like The Way (Kissing Game)” by Hi-Five plays in the background. Swoon! “She’s got my heart on a string,” Union wrote in the video’s caption.

The Wades are opening up to Oprah about their long road to parenthood in a interview titled Oprah at Home with Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade & Their New Baby, which airs Saturday on OWN.

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The couple, who have been married since August 2014, has every reason to be overjoyed by their new arrival. In the past Union has been open about having endured several heartbreaking miscarriages. Wade has three sons from previous relationships.