Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade Have Accomplished Many Things, But They’ve Left Mastering Home Cooked Meals To An Expert
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Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have a number of achievements between the two of them.

From awards, businesses, championship rings, movies, television shows, and children, this couple has proven to wear many hats, and wear them well. But with all of their career and personal achievements and accolades, cooking meals at home is something they’ve agreed not to try and master.

Wade, 36, and Union, 45, have been married since 2014, and admit that cooking just isn’t their thing. 

Wade shared with PEOPLE that, while they both know how to cook, if need be, as for the everyday meal preparations, you won’t catch them in the kitchen at the Union-Wade house.

“Neither one of us would starve, I come from an upbringing where I had to fend for myself, so I definitely know how to, but it’s the one thing that I always said—I was like ‘yo, if I ever get money, I ain’t washing dishes no more, I ain’t cooking no more.’ So I’ve been blessed to be able to not have to do some of those things.”

The couple has opted out of the day to day cooking and has given that responsibility to their personal chef, Richard Ingraham. The chef turned friend has been cooking for Wade since the early stages of his basketball career back in 2004. From a new marriage, children, vacations or NBA trades, Ingraham hasn’t left the Wade family’s side or kitchen, and I’m sure their taste buds thank him for it.

You can catch both Dwyane Wade and Richard Ingraham in their Youtube series Wade’s Kitchen Convos.