What’s the one thing that your guy does that drives you wild? Is it the gentle stroke of his tongue on the perimeter of your ear? Is it passionate kisses from your cheek down to your navel? Or do you get turned on by his strong hands on the small of your back? We asked ESSENCE.com readers what turns them on, see what the ladies wrote and then tell us what moves you prefer. Here’s what you said: “I like when a guy talks up close and in my ear, preferably if he has a baritone voice. It does it for me every time. One night during a nice slow session, my boyfriend leaned in to and said, ‘Damn, I’m so happy your sex is so good.'” –Nicole, 33 “I like attention to my neck area. That’s kind of all he has to do to seal the deal. I’ve been told that I have a nice neck. I like it when my guy kisses or lightly holds my neck. It’s just kind of a sensitive area and it wakes up my whole body. It’s my sweet spot. Well, the PG version. If he starts there, then we can move on.” –Eve, 31 “I do enjoy getting smacked on my butt a bit. The pain with pleasure feels good. When my first boyfriend that I had sex with did it I initially thought it would make me feel dirty, but I was like, ‘Hmmm, that was enjoyable.’ It wasn’t hard. It was a light tap. It felt like he was asserting his control a little bit.” –Kim, 25 “First, he touches my face and then he grabs on to my hair and tugs on it. When a man plays with my hair in the right way while we’re kissing passionately it turns me on and then when he starts to get more aggressive it’s even more enticing.” –Alejandra, 26 “I like it when he bites me. He licks and nibbles on my back and my neck at first and then eventually I like him to get rough.” –Lynn, 29 “My ex-boyfriend used to bring his face extremely close to mine so our lips were almost touching. He would just push himself into me and breathe on me, denying my attempts to lock lips. Being teased like that really turned me on. By the time we did kiss, it was on! We would just tear each other apart after that.” –Patrice, 27 We want to know what you like. What bedroom behaviors turn you on?