If you’re got it, flaunt it, right? Well, not exactly. At some point or another, we’ve all been reminded to show off our womanly curves to attract the opposite sex. But when we asked a few men what they love about a woman’s body, they told us that while D-cups and derrieres are nice to hold onto, they’re not what makes them weak in the knees. Find out why they say there’s nothing sexier than the curves in our backs, the strength in our calves and the softness of our skin. Here’s what they had to say: Nick: “Lately I have been noticing girls with really nice strong arms and thinking, wow, that is really hot. I’m a torso guy. I really like backs a lot. I’m a fan of the whole neck to butt area. It’s really sexy how those curves and those lines all work together. That’s the nice thing about attraction. It’s not a checklist. It’s how it all works together.” Jason: I would have to say hip bones are my favorite part of a woman’s body. They’re connected to the behind, which is also nice. And they are connected to the female sexual organs through nerve endings so the arouse woman. When I see them, I want to massage and lick them. They make me feel in control of my lady’s arousal. Jelsen: I’m a sucker for calves. They perfect balance of fragility and athleticism. I like to watch them when women walk. They look great in sandals, flats and even barefoot. I list like to squeeze and bite and caress calves. Charles: “I’m a fan of the collar bone. I like it because it makes the shoulders look far a part. It’s a very nice image. I can just stare at my girl’s collar bone. I like stroking them and kissing them. It’s funny, it’s nothing on its own, but on a woman the collar bone is a very beautiful thing to look at.”   RJ: “My favorite part of a woman’s body is her pelvis. It’s the hips. They’re just beautiful, no matter if they’ve got a fair amount of curves or not. When a woman is laying on her side and that curve is popping out, it’s the most amazing thing. I just love that area, where the lower abdomen meets the pelvis it’s like everything is where it’s supposed to be. I love walking down the street with my hand on my girl’s hip. That’s straight up grab central right there.”   Kembi: “This is going to seem weird, but I’ve always been a big fan of skin. Skin is the most important thing to me. It’s so smooth and buttery. When I’m with a woman that has really soft, smooth skin I feel a certain sense of comfort. When we chill and hold each other, if we’re lying in bed, that feeling of rubbing her skin with my hands makes me feel so calm and relaxed.”