Looking to increase pleasure and stay safe at the same time? Introduce your partner to a condom that comes with a vibrating ring that can intensify the fun for both of you. The latest latex love gloves are accompanied by a little ring; just slide it over the condom, then flick the switch on the protruding bump. The battery-operated “jewel” is strategically placed to make contact with your clitoris, and pulsates for 20 minutes or more. “My orgasms are much more intense when we use the vibrating ring,” says New Yorker Vallene Henderson, 28. “It’s amazing.”

The condom accessory can give your man the stamina for a marathon session too (no Viagra required!). “The ring allows blood to flow into the penis but prevents it from escaping, which prolongs his erection,” explains Deidre T. Fisher, M.D., a Los Angeles gynecologist. She notes that men taking blood thinners or with diabetes or heart conditions should check with a physician before first use. At around $10 per set, the single-use, condom-vibrating ring duo may seem costly, but protecting yourself from STIs and increasing your bedroom bliss? Priceless! Check out our tips for how to get the biggest bang for your buck.



Whatever your mood, there’s a ring to satisfy you. Adventurous couples might try a Lifestyles Vibrating Ring, which comes studded for extra pleasure. And twosomes seeking the ultimate buzz can opt for Trojan’s Vibrating Ring Duo, which offers a double-headed ring for twice the fun.


“There is no such thing as a wrong position,” says Fisher. But for the most stimulation, get on top of your man during sex. Or if you prefer him behind you, rotate the ring on his penis so that the jewel matches up with your clitoris.

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