Sexy Getaway Fantasy Quiz

The Great Escape

With Valentine’s Day behind us, the high of the holidays is officially over and we’re all wishing to get away from the hustle, bustle and monotony of our daily lives. We’ve got the next best thing. Take our ‘Sexy Getaway Fantasy Quiz’ to find out if you should be making love to the beat of Carnival in Rio De Janeiro or savoring the sensual flavors of Zanzibar, Tanzania…

Getaway Fantasy Quiz 1

What would you rather sip on after a long day? a) A full-bodied glass of wine b) A refreshing mint julep c) An tart, limey caipirinha d) A cool coconut cocktail e) A sweet rum punch What’s your idea of an ideal night out? a) Experiencing intellectual conversation and fine art with people I admire b) Taking in new sights and sounds while listening to live musicc) Dancing the night away until I’m covered in sweat and feeling greatd) Sampling an exotic array of foods that tease my senses e) Visiting somewhere quiet, where I can relax and be still with my thoughts What’s your bedside manner? a) I like to roleplay and I’ve been known to add a prop every now and then. b) I like to set a romantic mood using music and candlelight.c) I like a lot of energy in bed. I love to try different positions. d) I love slow, tantric massages and sensual flavors. e) Forget bedside manner. I like to make love in the shower.Just two more questions to reveal your getaway fantasy…

Getaway Fantasy Quiz 2

4. Your ideal pair of underwear is… a. A vintage-inspired high-waisted, nude satin pantyb. An itsy bitsy floral printed bikinic. A racy black mesh thong d. A sensual satin bikini in burnt orange e. I’d rather go without underwear 5. Which do you wish you had more of right now? a.Luxury b. Enchantment c. Excitement d. Adventure e. Tranquility Done? Time to find your score…For every a=1For every b-2For every c=3For every d=4 For every e=5Add your points to find your getaway fantasy.

You scored 5 to 8 points

Pleasure Your Fantasies in Paris What woman hasn’t dreamt of going to Paris with her man? You finally have the chance and you’ve got the man of your dreams by your side. You spend your days taking lovers strolls along the Champs Elysee and your nights drinking red wine while listening to melancholic French love songs in any of the city’s enchanting cafes. One night on your walk back to your hotel room, you become intrigued by the city’s history of sexy cabaret. You hail a taxi and head to Pigalle Place. You want to see the Moulin Rouge and experience the original red light district. Once there you are inspired by the way the French dancers adorn themselves. While your guy ogles at a woman on stage you slip out of the cabaret to get some work done. After 20 minutes you’ve returned from a late night sex shop with thigh-high fishnet stockings, a new garter belt and vintage-inspired sequined tassels. You and your man slip out of the cabaret before the show is over, jump in another taxi and ask to be whisked back to your hotel room. Back in your room you dim the lights, change into your new outfit, paint your lips a luscious red and give your sweetheart a show he’ll never forget. He repays you with a night to remember.

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You scored 9 to 12 points

Jazz it up In New Orleans Your man surprises you with tickets to New Orleans for the ESSENCE Music Festival and you are floored. You can’t wait to experience the Big Easy in all of its glory. After watching Mary J. Blige tear the Superdome down, there’s no way you’re tired. You convince him to take a walk through the French Quarter along the Mississippi. Once you escape the crowd you get the feeling that the mystical city has opened its heart to you and your sweetheart. You fall in love with the French colonial architecture, accentuated by soft streetlights. Under one such light you spot a jazz musician pouring his heart out through his saxophone. The entire scene overwhelms you with desire; you slip into a nearby alleyway and reach your hand out for your honey to join you. Any hesitation he had is quickly subdued at the sight of you slowly undressing under the moonlight. When he can’t take the sight of your glistening body writhing out of your clothes any longer, he lifts you up and presses you against the cold stone wall. There you make love to each other and to New Orleans, your breath harmonizing with the sound of the saxophone.

You scored 13 to 17 points

Get Randy in Rio De Janeiro You and your guy are in Rio de Janeiro, experiencing Carnival at it’s best. The streets are bursting with energy. The Brazilian people — dressed in their traditional Carnival garb are warm and inviting. They beckon you to join in the revelry. You look at your man and grab his hands, pulling him deeper into the crowd. You’re not there to stand on the sidelines. You want a piece of the action. Surrounded by other fast moving sweating bodies you both become intoxicated by the Samba beat. As your hips crash together your sweetheart gently grabs onto your shoulders and licks up and down your neck. You continue to imitate love making for hours as you dance to the beat and move with the crowd. Caught in a fit of passion, you grab your guy by the hand and lead him back to your hotel room. That night your bodies collide over and over again to the sounds of Rio de Janeiro.

You scored 18 to 21 points

Spice Up Your Love in Zanzibar You’ve dreamed of traveling to Africa all your life. Finally you and your husband throw caution to the wind and invest in a trip to Tanzania. You plan to spend just a few days in multicultural of Zanzibar, but are instantly taken aback by the beautiful beaches, the open architecture and the delicious East African food, packed with exotic spices new to your palate. You decide to stay for a week. On your last night in Zanzibar, you treat yourself to a traditional meal of beef slow cooked with ginger, cumin and chili peppers. Walking back to your open-air hostel you feel the spices illuminating your skin. You can’t wait for your lover to touch you. That night he lays you down on your canopy bed, pours sweet-smelling coconut oil on your back and firmly massages every muscle and curve on your naked body. You turn over and draw him to you and you make live as the sheer curtains billow around your bed.

You scored 22 to 25 points