Sexy Summer Reading 2010

Naughty Summer Reads

Your kids may be out of school already, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some real grown up fun this summer. We’ve got excerpts from sizzling guilty-pleasure titles that are sure to make you beg for a time out, from Zane’s latest “The Hot Box” to African American erotica anthologies like “Can’t Help The Way That I Feel” and “Making the Hood Up.”

Caution — Do not leave these books laying out on the coffee table. These titles never showed up your high school Summer reading list.

Image: “Making the Hood Up” Book Cover

“A Taste of Honey” by Darren Coleman

“I felt relaxed and tense at the same time. His warm tongue sent shockwaves through my body and I felt an unfamiliar urge to explode. I didn’t know what was happening other than I knew Manny was taking good care of me.”

“Can’t Help the Way That I Feel” Edited by Lori Bryant-Woolridge

“I couldn’t fully see him. He was seated in a high-backed, yellow leather chair, facing the opposite wall. All I could see was one golden brown, muscular thigh flexed with sexual tension. His blue jeans were pooled around his ankles and his arm made peekaboo appearances as he stroked himself into bliss. ‘Yeah, lick her good,’ a deep buttery voice requested.” –What Would Quincy Do? by Elle

“Making the Hook Up” edited by Cole Riley

“An hour later, she was dealing and smiling and talking with him about things a virtuous woman with a good husband and happy children at home should not be talking about–bra size 44DD, all natural just like her mamma’s; lost it when she was fifteen, but regretted it ever since; orgasm, always from oral sex, almost never from the penis, unless it is a really big penis; swallowed, only once, didn’t like it;; anal, too painful, does it only to make her husband happy; cheated, no, never cheated on her husband, well, never with a man.” –Three Kisses by Preston Allen

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“Best Women’s Erotica 2010” edited by Violet Blue

“As I glanced down, I noticed a swollen bulge in his jeans, straining against the seams, literally half an inch from my toe. Our eyes met and he said nothing, but he didn’t look away either. I realized I was wet–I realized I wanted to touch that bulge. Slowly I inched my foot forward whilst holding his gaze. The edge of my toe made contact and I pressed, just a little, against the straining denim.” –Shoe Shine At Liverpool Street Station by Scarlett French

“The Hot Box” by Zane

“Your p***y is off the chain,” Pill said, reading my mind and coming up for air. “I can’t get enough of these cookies.”

…Phil went back to “servicing” me and I glanced at the clock. It was a little past noon. Glenn got off at three, the same time that Phil stated his shift. I was playing a dangerous game, but it felt so … damn … good. Did I mention that Phil was one of Glen’s friends?

“Best Sex Writing 2010” edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

“…I felt him touch me, gently, and I was shocked into stillness. A quivering seizure struck my belly, and I could only shrink back into the bed as he softly chuckled and stroked me more firmly. My eyes slid halfway closed involuntarily, and I found it difficult to draw a steady breath.

I go there because I am that much more powerful for taking that which I cannot control and shaping it into something I can control, and learning from this. And the next time someone mutters an epithet under their breath, or I’m followed in a store by security, or get “That Look” when walking into a restaurant, I can take a deep breath, focus my energies, and do battle with that monster as I see fit.

Because I have tamed the dragon, and now we play.” —BDSM and Playing with Race by Mollena Williams