Sexy Staycation Quiz

What’s Your Ideal Sexy Staycation?

Summer is almost over and we’re all trying to use up as much of that vacation time as possible. While it would be nice to relax with your lover on a gondola in Venice or hold hands while walking on white Caribbean sands, the recession and fuel crisis have got us all thinking twice about packing our bags and jetting off to luxury destinations. Just because you can’t really get away doesn’t mean you and your guy can’t reconnect. We’ve come up with a few ideas for you and your guy to get hot and steamy while staying close to home. Take our sexy staycation quiz to find out which one is right for you or try all four.

Quiz Time

1. Where would you rather eat on a dinner date?a. The hottest new restaurant in townb. Somewhere cozy with homestyle cookingc. A seafood restaurantd. I’d rather have a dinner date at home2. What fabric would your ideal robe come in?a. Silk, love the luxurious feel of the fabricb. Cotton, it’s simple, reliable and always sexyc. Terrycloth, it feels like I’m wrapped in a big toweld. What robe? I’d rather be in the nude.3. Where would you rather visit if you were a tourist in New York City?a. The shops on 5th Avenueb. Central Parkc. Chelsea Pier on the Hudson River and the South Street Seaportd. The every-day city streets

Quiz Time

4. What Motown song do you like the most?a. “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Rossb. “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrellc. “Heat Wave” by Martha and the Vandellasd. “All Night Long” by Lionel Richie

Pamper Yourselves with a Hotel Rendezvous

The stresses of everyday life are really getting to you and your man. You’ve been fantasizing about taking a long weekend trip to some far off destination and where the two of you can reconnect without your jobs, bills, friends or family members interrupting, but you can’t seem to swing it. Go with the next best thing – leave your cell phones at home and head to a swanky hotel in your town.Carry along some scented massage candles, fresh strawberries and bubbly to create the right mood in your room. Rub each other down with fine soaps in the hotels rain shower and instead of getting dressed and going about your day (like you usually do) stay naked and snuggle up with each other on the plush hotel mattress in the soft Egyptian cotton sheets.

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‘Rough It’ with a Camping Trip

You and your guy enjoy the great outdoors. But living and working in the city doesn’t allow you to connect with nature much. Take a time out, load up the trunk and head to the nearest campsite. Spend the night staring at the stars in the sky, feeding each other roasted marshmallows and playing strip poker by the fire. By the time you’re ready to turn off the lantern, you’ll both be burning up with desire. See if your moans can drown out the sounds of the night owls and the crickets.

Get Wet and Wild on an Overnight Beach Trip

If you’re lucky enough to live within driving distance of a beach it’s time you take advantage. You and your man aren’t into all the fancy stuff, but the one amenity you can’t live without is the ocean. Pack your bags head out to sea, find a cute, quaint and clean beach motel to spend the night. Make sure to bring along your sexiest, skimpiest bikini (You get bonus points if he’s never seen it before.) and slip it on. During the day find a spot on the sand away from the crowd. Rub each other down with scented sunblock as a prelude to the rest of your sexy beach day. In the water, Hold each other close, wrap your legs around your guy and simulate the sex that you’ll be having later that night. Just to make sure you’re both ready to play when you get back to your room, finish your beach day with an aphrodisiac-infused seafood dinner.

Keep Your Love Locked In at Home

They say home is where the heart is and with your hectic and conflicting schedules, you and your sweetheart haven’t been seeing much of each other at home at all. Schedule a sexy weekend staycation at your place and promise each other that neither of you will walk out that door from Friday evening to Monday morning.You can make a few more promises to each other, too. Promise that you won’t wear a single item of clothing for the whole weekend, promise that you’ll rub each other down with scented oils and take long luxurious baths together and promise that you’ll take your time make love to each other every night (and day) that you’re locked inside the house.