Frisky Friday: Sexy Gifts for Everyone on Your List
Ariel Skelley
Make Santa Claus jealous when you give the gift of sex this holiday season. We’ve picked out presents to heat things up for all the women on your Christmas list, from JimmyJane’s sensual Ember massage candle to Agent Provocateur’s lacy gartered corset. These gifts aim to please your mom, favorite auntie, best friend and even you… For Your Glamorous Mom When it comes to presents, moms deserve the best for being the shoulders we cry on, the ones who lends us money when times are rough and tell us we can do it when we feel like we’re not enough. A luxurious velvet robe will make your mom feel glamorous, soft and sexy for the next 365 days. Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. For Your Dominant Big Sister Your big sister is always pushing you around and telling you what to do and how to do it, right? Get her Boa Pleasure Ties from LELO so she can taunt someone else for a change. She can unleash her bossy side by tying up her lover and telling him how to behave. For Your Collegiate Little Sister There’s a pretty good chance that your little sister started having sex before she got to college. Now that she’s off on her own, it’s about time she took control of her own sexuality. Babeland’s Moregasm will teach her the birds, the bees and then some, so she can feel empowered when she gets in bed with someone, instead of awkward and embarrassed. For Your Hippie Auntie Where would you be with out your one zany auntie—the one that is always bringing up your moon sign, the seven chakras and the universe? She’s also most likely the first adult to talk about sex with you without being condescending. Scented with fennel, fig, lemon and wormwood, JimmyJane’s sensual Ember massage candle will help her release her healing power on her lover with a tantric rub down that will make him see stars. For Your Cousin With A Sweet Tooth We’ve all got one family member who likes to go back to the table for a second or third slice of cake. She’s always baking sweet treats and is therefore in charge of the dessert at all family functions. Well, now she can have her cake and eat it too with Booty Parlour’s tasty Skin Honey Kissable Body Topping, with real honey extract, goji berry and ginseng—you know for that stamina. For Your Newly-Engaged Girlfriend Your soon-to-be-married girlfriend probably has her wedding night lingerie already picked out and packed away. She can practice the consummation with her betrothed in a sexy lace Merry Widow with adjustable garters. For Your Bougie Best Friend We live for LELO’s products. Their sleek designs and packaging are so much more appealing than the bulkier brands and their functionality keep us happy on those cold winter nights. You know you have one friend who is always talking about high-fashion, art and design shows and fine wine. Soraya from LELO’s Insignia collection would look good in her sleek, dark wood bedside table. For Your Newlywed Bestie This lacy corset with garters from Agent Provocateur will ensure that the honeymoon phase continues when your newlywed friend heads back to real life. Tell her to save a sexy red number for when she and her new hubby have their first big fight. It’s her get out of the dog house free ticket. For Your Newly Boo’d Up Friend You know that friend that you haven’t seen since it got cold outside because she’s been staying warm by cozying up to her new beau all winter? She’s probably running out of sexy lingerie to sleep in, or slip out of. We love a lacy little baby doll that’s just a little racy. It gives “come hither” without screaming “take it all,” which is probably the stage that your homegirl is in right now. For Your Newly-Single Girlfriend Don’t let your girlfriend go through her breakup during the holidays alone. Jimmy Jane’s soft and flexible Form 3 will be the company that she needs to keep her warm on those cold and lonely winter nights. Yeah, you won’t be seeing her for a while either. For Your Free And Frisky Neighbor Your girlfriend down the block is getting it in right now. “Go ‘head,” you tell her. “Do your thing. Just be safe.” Help a sister out, so she won’t be running to the corner store at 2:00 a.m. and give her a pack of 48 luxury condoms from Japanese condom makers Okamoto, responsible for some of the thinnest, most satisfying condoms on the market. For Your Eager-To-Please Boyfriend Your poor boyfriend. His heart is in the right place, but his lips and tongue aren’t. Give him the gift of knowing how to knock your socks off with The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus. Knowledge is power, right? Because You Want To Please Him Too… It’s a two-way street, honey.


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