Variations For Your Sex Positions

It’s the Remix

Remember your favorite hip hop and R&B Jams from the 90s? You loved the original tunes, but the remixes — with their catchier, more danceable beats and feature verses from the hottest rappers — would get you so excited, you would be dancing in your seat as you drove home with the radio on blast. This Frisky Friday, we’re bringing that same remix experience to the bedroom, adding a little variation here and there to your favorite sexual positions to get you so excited. Just like your favorite 90’s hits, we’re not knocking the original version, we’re just adding a slight variation to spice things up…

Hands and Knees

Why We Love It Most commonly known as doggy style — This position allows for you and your partner to get oh-so close, giving you deeper penetration and better G-spot stimulation. Plus your man gets to stare at our gorgeous booty while you get it on.

Hands and Knees Remixed

Get Low: Instead of staying on your hands and knees with your guy behind you, get an even deeper thrust by bending down to your elbows or even stretching out your hands in front of you — like a “Child’s Pose” in yoga. You’ll add even more pressure to your G-spot and give your man extra room to reach around and stimulate you with his hand. Get Lazy: If you and your guy have been going at it in this position for a while, you’re probably a bit tired. Lay all the way down opening your legs a little wider and beckon him to lay down right on top of you. This allows you to be closer than close without switching to missionary. Reach your head around for an extra steamy make-out session.

Standing Up

Why We Love It We’re not sure why sex standing up is hotter than sex laying down, but it is. There’s something about defying gravity while we experience the height of pleasure that knocks our socks off. It’s also great for when you want to get in a quickie in the bathroom at your best friend’s engagement party without anyone noticing that you were gone for too long.

Standing Up Remixed

The Hold Up: God bless you and your partner if you can go for more than three minutes with your partner holding you off the ground and your legs wrapped around him. This is movie star standing up sex and we want to watch your sex tape later. Touch Your Toes For those of us who prefer to do it standing up with our man standing behind us, here’s a way to feel extra naughty and access some added stimulation at the same time. Bend over all the way like you’re stretching out your hamstrings for a track and field meet. If you’re close to a wall, try leaning your back against it for added stability while you’re down there.

Woman On Top

Why We Love It: We love to be in control and the trusty “cowgirl” pose gives us all the control we want, allowing us to angle ourselves for better clitoral stimulation while showing off our latest moves on our guys. Plus we have the benefit of making eye contact with our partners and bending down to shower “oh my goodness this feels amazing” kisses on them mid coitus.

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Woman On Top Remixed

Turn Around: Get added control when you turn around for the reverse cowgirl. Grab onto your boo’s legs for added stability and let him watch your cute butt as you move on top of him. Arch your back and lean back on your arms for a new sensation. Closer Still: Ditch the cowgirl act all together and pull your partner close to you so that your chests are touching and your legs are wrapped around his waist. You’ll have to relinquish some control, as you might need him to guide you up and down, but the added intimacy that you gain is priceless.

Side By Side

Why We Love It: This is lazy Sunday sex at it’s best. Laying on your side with your legs slightly splayed and your man right behind you allows you drift between fantasies as you melt into each other and the bed.

Side By Side Remixed

Chair Pose Positionyour hips on your man as if you were sitting sideways on his lap, so that your bodies make a t-shape. This position will give you way more control of your hip and legs and add deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation. Plus, although it seems like you’re farther away from each other, you can enjoy intense eye contact and watch each other lose control, without even lifting your heads off the bed.

Good Old Missionary

Why We Love It: What’s not to love about missionary? It’s so intimate, allowing you to talk dirty into each other’s ears and kiss all over each other’s faces. Plus the eye contact is unmatched.

Missionary Remixed

Sister scissor legs Both you and your guy keep your legs open enough that one of his thighs is between yours and one of your thighs is between his. When he works his way deeper into you, you’ll feel a little extra pressure on your outer labia and clitoris for some added excitement. Two legs upDuring sex shift from wrapping your legs around his waist to placing your ankles on his neck one leg at a time. This is the highway to the O-zone position. With a clear shot at your G-spot and better clitoral stimulation. Enjoy.