Morning Glory
Nature likes to pit us against each other some times and apparently men’s sexual desire peaks first thing in the morning and women get the most horny at night. The reason for your guy’s a.m. desire is nocturnal penile turmescence or NPT–a term that means that men can’t control their erections when they’re not awake, leading them to have between three and five boners during their slumber and subsequently the “morning wood.” We suggest that you follow his lead, say ‘screw the dragon breath’ and roll over for a morning tussle every once in a while. The feel-good hormones that your body releases will set you up for success for the whole day.

Afternoon Delight

The best thing about afternoon sex is the element of surprise. If you or your man both work outside the home or just have everyday duties that must get done during the daylight hours, you’re probably not scheduling a 2 p.m. sexual encounter. But that’s exactly what you should do, because it shakes things up. Anyone who’s been having sex with the same partner for a long time will tell you that change is good. Setting up an afternoon rendezvous may be just what you need to get you and your guy out of a rut. Plus, afternoon sex means you may have to do it in a naughty place (not your home) or at a quick pace to get back to work which will add to the excitement.

Nighttime is the Right Time
 We’re not sure if it’s because of the complimentary lighting from the moon, that seems to hide our imperfections, or the sensory overload of having to find our lover’s hooks, nooks and crannies in the dark, but women like to have sex at night. Something about it just feels more romantic (cue candle flames flickering in the night) and you’ve got all night to take your time and do it right. Plus, we release the hormone oxytocin when we orgasm, which helps to regulate our sleep-patterns and leads to better Zs.

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