Some ladies aren’t enthusiastic about performing oral sex on their partners. We spoke to a few who shared their true feelings about going downtown on their lover, and picked up some tips on how you can enjoy giving as much as receiving. What She Said: Nikki:  “I started doing it because I’m thin and I felt like skinny girls have to have a few tricks up their sleeves since we don’t have anything to grab on to. Then I really started to like it. It’s empowering and so much fun!” Zama: “Before I got married, I didn’t really like to do it. Now, I love that he gets pleasure from it, but I’d say 50% of the time I just do it because he wants me to. I don’t have any tricks, but I have to admit that I’ve gotten better at it. But, when I don’t do it that often, my jaw hurts a lot, and even though I like it now, I still haven’t gotten used to the taste.” Amanda: “I love it. I feel like I’m satisfying him and we’re making a connection. When I go down, I pretend like I’m eating my favorite food. I really enjoy the smell down there and I like to go deep.” Jeannie: “I’m a big tease and I like being able to tease him and catch him off-guard. I don’t like doing it to completion, though. It’s not that I don’t like the taste, it just takes too long and my face gets tired. Plus, I don’t know what I’m doing half the time.” Keisha: “Oral sex is definitely a bonus. I tell my man he only gets it on special occasions. I know he likes it, but I just don’t feel sexy when I’m down there.” Jewel: “I think it’s an important part of lovemaking. It turns me on. I think one reason is because it’s growing and I’m making it grow. It’s definitely a power thing–the man is in a vulnerable position.” Chloe: “I think it’s another way of showing affection. My man gets stressed sometimes from his career, so if he’s looking particularly stressed, I’ll grab a glass of water, a couch pillow and get on my knees while he’s at his desk. Orgasms are a great stress reliever and it’s just something nice that I can give him, without asking for anything in return. It lets him know that I love him and I recognize how he’s feeling. It makes me feel happy–like I’m a good partner in my relationship.” In the Spirit of giving, here are some solutions to common concerns with going downtown.   Problem: You don’t think your good at it Solution: Guys aren’t as good as us at giving verbal directions. Plus, the fact that you’re down there might have him speechless. Ask him to tell you what he wants and remember, every guy’s different so if you’re with someone new you need to find out if he likes your old techniques. If he’s not a big talker, before you go down there, put your index finger on his mouth and tell him to do everything he’d like you to do to him to your finger and let him guide you. Problem: There’s a forest growing in his boxers  Solution: There’s nothing more annoying than getting into the groove only to have a few strands get in the way of your good time. This is one time when the ultimatum is necessary. Tell him if he doesn’t trim, or shave, you’re cutting him off. Trust, he’ll do it ASAP.  Problem: Your face feels like it’s been through a car wash afterward Solution: We hate to say it, but no pain, no gain. In this case, practice makes perfect. If you find that your mouth or jaw gets tired when you’re doing it, know that the more often you do it, the more comfortable your face will get. Of course, if you’re in any real pain, you should stop what you’re doing. If your gag reflex is the problem, all the pros say to relax and take deep breaths through your mouth and then through your nose before and during the job. Also, start off slow. It takes time to go the distance. Problem: You feel silly doing it  Solution: Despite what you might think, you look sexy from his point of view–even if you’re huffing and puffing and bobbing and weaving. Suppress your self-consciousness and ask him to tell you what it looks like. His compliments will give you a big boost. Problem: You get nothing out of it Solution: If the fact that you’re making your man’s toes curl isn’t enough to make your trip downtown worthwhile, you may need your dude to lend a hand. Men like to hold on to something while they’re being treated. Tell him where to touch you and neither of you will regret it. If you’re feeling more adventurous, bring a toy to bed.    Have a Frisky Friday, ladies. We hope this story got you in the spirit of giving this weekend. Read More: