Oral sex is most often viewed as the appetizer in our steamy lovemaking sessions. We kiss and lick and suck to stimulate our coital cravings. But as we all know, going downtown can make for a delicious main course. This Frisky Friday, we give oral sex… the extra attention it deserves. Set it off right Before you go down, think about the mood you want to set. If it’s sweet and sensuous, you may want to dim the lights, throw on a sexy slow jam, lead him to the bed and deliver gentle kisses all over his neck, shoulders and abs before you even move below his waist. If the mood you’re going for is more racy, look for a tune that’s extra sexy with a nice tempo, try grabbing him, pressing him against the wall and giving him strong kisses, licking and biting (tenderly) him as you head south. For added elements of surprise, you can blindfold him so he can’t anticipate your every tingly touch, or restrain him so he can’t touch you. Comfort is key You’re going the distance tonight so make sure you’re comfortable. The traditional position for fellatio — your man on his back, you between his legs — takes all the pressure off of your back and has the added benefit of allowing you and your lover to stare into each other’s eyes. The only drawback is that this position can be tough on the neck. If that’s the case, try kneeling on the bed to use more of your torso, giving your neck a rest. While some women find that being on their knees feels subservient, the next position can be the most comfortable. Sit your man down on the edge of the bed, toss a pillow in front of him on the floor and kneel on it. You’ll have the perfect angle to go all the way. Explore the area Your objective for going downtown on your guy is not to get him to the finish line as fast as possible. Different types of touch will arouse all kinds of reactions from your man. Lick the corner where his leg meets his pelvis and run your tongue across his upper thigh. Caress, lick or suck his “low hanging fruit” and massage the sensitive strip of skin just below them to stimulate the prostate. If he’s into it, slide your hand a little further back. You can also reach your arm up to play with his nipples or just rub his chest and stomach. The more the merrier We know we’re always pushing props on you, but that’s because they’re really fun. Try slipping a vibrating ring on to his penis if he’s game or hold your vibrator to your cheek while you go down to increase his sensations. If you’re both into it, add some tasty treats, like whipped cream or chocolate body sauce to sweeten things up. Matters of the mouth Every penis is not the same. Ask your man to tell you what he likes and let him direct how tightly you hold him in your mouth and how much suction you apply. Experiment with a few moves. Wrap your lips around his member and roll your tongue all over it. Suck on an ice cube or a peppermint candy before going downtown. Breathe through it We know your man has an odd obsession with you making his member disappear in your mouth because our boyfriends have the same obsession! Truth be told, this is due to the visual element of the act, as the majority of the penis’ nerve endings are at the tip. We understand that this magic trick can suck (pun intended) at times, but if you’re up for the challenge, here are a few more comfortable ways to wow him. Firstly, make sure that you really trust the man you do this to, so you can relax and really enjoy it. Then while you’re starting out, don’t take his entire member into your mouth. Hold on to the base of it with your hand to give you a little more room. When you’re ready, relax your cheeks by exhaling and saying “ah” like you would at the dentist. Lastly take long yoga breaths through your nose while you’re downtown. When you want to take a break, use a little dirty talk to give yourself a rest. Most importantly Have a good time. Oral sex can be as enjoyable for the giver as it is for the receiver. Make sure you feel 100 percent comfortable with your partner so that whatever happens while you’re down there is all good. We can’t emphasize this enough.