Mother’s Advice About Sex

Mom’s Sex Advice

We often shy away from the topic of s-e-x around our mothers. But let’s be real, momma’s been having sex a lot longer than you have. She may be able to give you a few pointers, or at the very least tell you which guy is worth going all the way with. We asked a few ladies to share the sex advice and information they received from their mothers. You might want to grab a pen and pad.

Alone Time

Mya via Facebook: “You don’t need a boy to have an orgasm.”


Antoinette via Facebook: “My grandmother told me, ‘A man will screw a snake if you hold it’s tail still.’ It cracked me up then and it still does now when I think about it!”

Sensual Seduction

Patrice: “My mother really taught me about sensuality. She told me that men liked to be touched everywhere just as much as women do.”

Wrap It Up

Sulayne via Facebook: “The most I got was a bag of colorful condoms left for me on my bed.”

Comming Back For More

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Rachel via Facebook: ‘Once you get it you will always want it.”

Going Down

Shirley: “If he doesn’t go downtown, he doesn’t go any where else.”


Kimberly via Facebook: “She told me if I ever got tired during sex, to just bare down (clench my kegels) and it will be over quick!”

Know It All

Cheryl via Facebook: “I’m 40 and I asked her recently why she didn’t talk to me about sex, she said ‘you knew more than I did!'”

Tight Lipped

Kathy: “I remember I asked my mother what falacio was when I was nine and she did not want to answer me. So I went and looked it up and I was horrified. I was like, “Oh my God! People do that?’ Now I do it to my man all the time.”

Watch Your Mouth

Rhonda via Facebook: “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it in your mouth.”