When Junior Giscombe sang “take your time young man,” he could have been addressing any one of our guys. While it’s kind of cute to know that your man got so excited by your body that he just couldn’t control himself and climaxed before you, it doesn’t heave you any more satisfied. If your lovemaking sessions have you saying, “Wait for me!” here are a few pointers on how to make the magic last a little longer. Slow Start Every part of sex should be enjoyable. Instead of thinking about the orgasm, think about your lovemaking as a holistic experience. Ask him to take his time with the foreplay and you do your part in taking it slow. All that touching and teasing will help you catch up to him and keep him holding on. Go Old School If you’ve been doing this for a while, we suspect that the good old missionary position has lost its luster for you and your partner. If you want your guy to last longer, you should get back into it. Start off with full body contact, which will allow him to manage his sensations. As things heat up, you can add a little variation, like lifting your legs for a more intense feeling. Sit Up Straight The sitting position not only helps your man to last longer, it also allows the two of you to get a good look at each other’s bodies. Have him sit down cross legged and then you sit on top of him. Stare into each other’s eyes as you make love. You can run his shoulders and he can caress your lower back and guide your hips. As you both slip into ecstasy, let him squeeze you tight and bury his face in your bosom. Get Ready to Ride It’s time for you to take control. Get on top and lay close to your guy so that your chests are pressed together. Moving back and forth will provide him slightly less sensation, allowing him to last longer. Coincidentally, this same motion provides you more stimulation so you can meet each other in the middle for an explosive climax when you’re both ready. Sideways A yoga instructor would call this position the full expression of spooning. We like to call it the lazy sex position because it requires just a little bit of work for enough sensation to keep you and your man stuck together for quite some time. Both of you lie on your sides with him behind you. Let him hold on to your hips as you move with each other. Aside from making it last, this position allows you to feel super close to your man. He’ll touch your body and kiss your neck while you lean into him and just feel adored for a while.