It’s Christmas time, you’re hopped up on holiday cheer and your aunt Mary’s cornbread, and you just want to spread some love around. Far be it from us to be the frisky police. On the contrary, as things heat up the bedroom this holiday season, we’ve got a few guidelines to keep it steamy without burning yourself. Take a look at these holiday hookup guidelines before you get it on this Christmas. Know what you will do and what you won’t do: It’s nice to get a little nookie during the holidays. The boost in oxitocin that you can get from a healthy makeout session alone can wipe your bah-humbugs away. Before you go all the way with your best friend’s hot cousin who you never met before, check in with yourself so you don’t do anything that you’ll regret later. Whether you decide to stay at tonsil hockey, move on to third base or go all the way, remember it’s your body and you make the rules. Shape it up: Get yourself an early Christmas gift and stop by your bikini waxer for a touch up. You want to feel sexy and uninhibited when you hook up with your hometown hottie. You might not feel that way if the hair down there is out of control. Deck your halls: This is more of a suggestion than a guideline. Sexy underwear can turn a regular frisky encounter into quite a joyous occasion. Trade in your white cottons for something silk or satin. Feeling festive? Nothing says “Fa La La” like a red lace garter belt and a pair of sheer thigh-high stockings. Bring your own protection: You’re a grown woman now. You don’t need to explain why you have a pack of extra thin, ribbed and lubricated condoms in your clutch. You just need to bring them along if you intend to do the nasty. As you know, men fall short of having protection all the time, and you don’t want a gift that keeps on giving. Besides, he might not wear what you like and that’s no fun. Know when it’s over: Once all the excitement from Christmas and New Year’s Eve dies down, so might your infatuation with your holiday lover. Be really honest and open with each other about what you want out of your frisky escapade so your (or his) feelings don’t get hurt too bad (a little bit of disappointment is to be expected) when it’s time to bid each other farewell. And don’t try to turn a fling into forever. Just don’t go there, girl.