My sister came over to my apartment one morning and found me sitting on my bed in my underwear crying. A self-conscious 24-year-old, I was anticipating my new boyfriend’s return from out of town and expecting to sleep with him, I dreaded that he would be turned off by my scars or thick thigh or something else that I picked on myself for. My sister explained to me that a man could care less about that burn on my arm from my mom’s curling iron or a stray hair on my breast. Her advice got me to thinking: what do guys think about when they see their ladies naked for the first time? We asked ten men to tell us how they feel the first time they see a woman naked. Their answers will make you want to take your clothes off more often. Here’s what they said: B.B.S., 34: “My girlfriend was on my bed, the lights were off, the moonlight was showing off her flawless skin and figure. I remember thinking, ‘she’s perfection.’ My second thought was, ‘I’m lucky.'” Perry, 46: “The first time I saw my girlfriend naked, I thought, ‘Wow. Nice.” I was thoroughly pleased and aroused.” Kofi, 36: “I don’t know if a man has the proper words to qualify the feeling. It’s completely visceral.” Jelsen, 26:  “Damn, I’m pretty lucky. I get that. This is mine.” Bryan, 25: “I can’t wait to put my mouth on her.” George, 32: “You know I’m not really thinking about much. When I see a girl naked it’s not so much thoughts, it’s more like, ‘mmmhmmm.'” C, 26: “Let me see if her butt really looks like that, or if it was the jeans.” Derreck, 31: “Every girl is like a road map. I think about where I’m going to go next.” Jamaal, 24: “Wow. It’s bigger than I expected. That’s definitely a good thing.” Joe, 35: “There is no turning back now so I am focused on mapping out my positions, angles and staying calm so I can put in this six hours of work.” Steven, 35: “The first time I saw my wife naked was ten years ago, and she was a pretty young thing, all slim and fine. I knew that she was something special from the moment I met her so we took things slow, and to disrobe her was such a pleasure. I remember drinking it all in, real slow, because I didn’t want to miss a thing. Ten years later, I still try to see her like it’s the first time. Notice how her body is evolving, and how much more beautiful she gets with time.” When you’re worried about what he’s going to think when he sees you in the nude, just remember that there’s a big chance that he thinks you’re “perfection.”