9 Ways to Get Sexy for Spring

Get spring sexy

Spring time is here ladies. You know what that means. Pheromones are in the air, endorphins are flying and our sex drives are coming out of hibernation. This year while you spring clean, think about getting spring sexy too.

Here are nine things that you can do to will yourself a sexier season.

1. Wax it, shave it, de-hair it

We’re not going to debate whether women should have hair down there or take it all off. Whatever your prerogative, it’s time to update your style. A snip here, or a shave and a strip of wax there and you’re well on your way to feeling sexy for spring. While you’re at it, deal with that layer of new growth that winter hibernation left on your legs. Doesn’t that feel better.

2. Time for new undies

There’s nothing like new silky, lacie underwear to get a girl back out there. While your outward attire is important, knowing that you look sexy as hell underneath your clotheswill give you an extra boost of confidence.

3. Smooth and supple

Winter wreaks havoc on our skin. Aside from being dry and cracked, skin can become rough and brittle. The last thing you want this Spring is to feel self-conscious about a new guy rubbing up on you. Pick up a new exfoliating scrub and put some elbow grease into smoothing out your rough edges and curves. Follow up with your favorite body butter for irresistibly touchable skin.

4. Toe time

Yes, you killed it in those knee-high boots this winter. But the pointed-toe on them probably killed your feet. Give your dogs the love they deserve. Start making regular pedicure appointments and break out the pumice stone and the intense moisture foot lotion at home. Before you know it, you’ll have toes that were made for sucking.

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5. Bedroom makeover magic

If you want to make your bedroom more welcoming, change things up. Get rid of those sheets that you’ve had since you broke up with your ex. Try to buy breathable materials that feel extra soft on your skin–like silk or cotton sheets with a high thread-count. Add a scented candle to your bedside table or buy a new satin throw pillow to accentuate the mood. If you’re not planning on extending any invites any time soon, these changes will also help you to love yourself and love on yourself more.

6. Skip to summer dresses

Remember how you felt last spring walking down the street with that light-weight floral-print dress that brushed against your butt so flirtatiously. Remember all the guys breaking their necks to stare at you in hopes of that the wind would blow on that dress and expose a little piece of your booty. Do you remember thinking, “I am so hot, I’m on fire!” Yeah, you need some more of those.

7. Restock the supply shelf

If you’ve got spring fever, it may only be a matter of time before you meet the guy who’s going to give you the right …mmm… treatment. Make sure you have what you need for a successful visit. Condoms …that increase my pleasure… check. Super silky lubrication …for when the going gets rough… check. Vibe …for double my pleasure… check.

8. Time for a New Toy

Speaking of vibes, the sex toy industry has grown since you bought your first-edition Rabbit. It’s time to see what’s out there. Buying a new vibrator is like getting new oil put into your car–it’ll take you to places you never imagined you’d go.

9. Let the Sunshine In

There’s nothing like a little sunshine to help you get your groove back. The lack of Vitamin D we experienced in the winter made us a little crabby. Spending half an hour in the sun can turn that frown upside down by helping us to release endorphins–yeah, that’s what we release when we have sex. It’s like having an orgasm every time you step outside. Well, not exactly, but it’s as good as it’s going to get while you’re at work.

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