10 Foreplay Moves We Love

Hooray for Foreplay!!

Research shows that men can be are ready for sex after as little as a passionate kiss. But for most women we need more than a wet smooth to get us conditioned for the coitus. If you feel like your man’s been slipping on the foreplay lately, here’s a list of our favorite pre-sex moves. Print this out and slip it under his pillow.

1. Start Before He Sees You

The earlier you start thinking about the sex you’re gonna have, the more excited you’ll be when the time comes to get down to it. Before you meet up with your guy, he can send you naughty text messages describing in detail every thing he’d like to do to your individual body parts.

2. Earing Aid

The perfect ear kiss is easy to pull off, but still a lot of guys get it wrong. Ideally you want him to gently suck on your earlobe and then trace the outside perimeter of your ear with the tip of his tongue and then send a chill down your spine when he whispers something about how hot you make him.

3. Finger Food

Let him trace his lips with your finger tips, bringing the nerve endings to life. As you close your eyes and exhale, he’ll lightly slips you pointer into his mouth and runs his tongue along your fingerprint.

4. Breathless

He traces the outline of your body with his breath, keeping his face only centimeters away from your skin, causing the hair on your body to stand and your breath to stop short.

5. Thigh Master

Every girl likes oral sex, but before he goes for the goal, let him spend a little time teasing you with kisses on your inner thigh. The fact that his face is so close to your pleasure point will drive you wild with desire. You’ll beg for him to come closer.

6. He Must Engage Your Bust

Somewhere down the line, guys forget how important your breasts are for getting you ready for sex. There’s definitely a connection between your twin towers and your pleasure palace. He needs to caress them, tease them, kiss them, but don’t bite them…too hard

7. Best Foot Forward

Just like in your fingers, there are nerve endings in your toes. A little footsie never hurt. If you’re both comfortable with it, let him massage your feet and run his tongue in between your toes.

8. Simulation

Even though we’re all grown up, there’s still something hot about dry-humping. Before you get naked let him hold you tight and push his pelvis onto yours. You’ll be unbuckling his belt in no time.

9. Sensual Seduction

As women, we enjoy a full sensual experience. Prompt him to light sandalwood scented candles, to trace your body with a feather tickler or better yet, a cube of ice.

10. Give You a Head Start

Since many of us don’t orgasm during intercourse, it’s only fair that he makes your toes curl before he gets going. Plus, getting coital after an orgasm makes the sex explosive.