Whether we think our breasts are too small, too big, lop-sided or just right, we can all agree on one thing–we wouldn’t want to part with our pairs. Besides giving our young ones essential nutrients and vitamins for long healthy lives, our breasts do a lot to up the Oh-factor during those lengthy, steamy baby-making (or baby-making practice) sessions. We came up with a few ways to love your favorite set of twins more… One more reason why girls have more fun A 2006 study reported that 82% of women reported that manipulation of their nipples and breasts enhanced sexual arousal compared to only 52 percent of men. Larger nipples have more nerve endings. And most women have bigger pointers than their dudes–thus higher stimulation. Suck on that, fellas! Actually, not so fast–larger nipples tend to be more sensitive than small ones. If the pressure is causing your babies more pain than pleasure, tell your guy to ease up on the sucking and switch it up with some slow, strong tongue action. They’ve got some real growth potential Experts say that our boobs can grow up to 25 percent bigger when they are aroused. If you’re looking for a little breast enhancement during your next session, squeeze those babies together with your upper arms. They’ll follow your lead. You can give them some textural seduction The nerve endings in your breasts will respond positively to more than just a firm squeeze from your man’s hand. Try rubbing different textures, like silk, lace or smooth body cream across your breasts for a new sensation. You can take them to the top The skin just above the areola is actually the most sensitive area on the breasts, with the areola coming in second and the nipple third. If you want chills down your spine, have your man gently trace line that separates the darker and lighter areas of your breasts with a cube of ice and then retrace his steps with his warm tongue. Size matters How big your breasts are can determine how they like to be touched. Smaller boobs have a higher concentration of nerve endings that make them more sensitive to heavy pressure. Movement feels good to your little lovelies, so girls shake what your momma gave ya. Bigger boobs are said to be less sensitive because they have extra fatty tissue and their nerves are slightly stretched. That means they can take a little extra-firm squeezing along with some light pinching and nibbling.  Read More: