Frisky Friday: 7 Ways to Loosen Up in the Bedroom

Almost everything in life feels better when you’re able to let go and be yourself. Sex is no exception, as it is best enjoyed without clothes or reservations. We could all use a little reminder to loosen up and have a good time once in a while so we’ve come with a few ways to free your mind and body for a more earth-shattering sexual experience the next time you hit the hay.

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Do a Little Dance. While confidence in the bedroom is key, sometimes you need a little ice breaker to loosen you up so that you can feel uninhibited in the act. Ease into it with a little dirty dancing. Throw on that song that always makes you hot and start to move. Your guy won’t be able to keep his eyes off you as you whine your hips seductively in his direction. When you’re ready, ask him to join you and slide your body up and down his as if you’re his private dancer. Seeing how much you turn him on will give you all the confidence you’ll need to let your inhibitions go and get it on.

Talk the Talk. You’re a grown woman. We know you know how to tell your man when he’s hitting the spot. But that’s not all your mouth is for. Fantasizing before and during sex can really turn up the heat. Tell him all the naughty things you would do with him if you two found yourselves on a deserted beach and get him to share some of his dirty thoughts with you. Pretty soon, you’ll both be wrapped up in ecstasy having the sexual encounters that you’ve always dreamed about.

Say it Loud. In the words of Tony, Toni, Tone “If the rhythm feels good to you, baby let me hear you sing, ‘uh, uh, baby!'” Only this time really let it out — you know, wake your neighbors with it. We’re not saying you have to shriek like a porn star who gets paid by the scream (unless of course you want to) to have a good time, but one big expression of how the sex is really making you feel can help you cross over from feeling good to feeling freakin’ amazing.

Laugh it Up. With all the noises our bodies make when they’re pressed together and the fumbles we encounter when changing positions, sex can be pretty hilarious. Don’t hold it in. Laughter is one of the many expressions of sex so let ‘er rip. If you can snickered at all the weird noises and awkward moments, you’ll feel open enough to try anything with your partner.

Get Touchy. We often think of masturbation as a single-player sport. It’s time to play doubles. It may feel a little embarrassing at first to touch yourself in front of your guy, but once you realize how much he likes watching you blow you’re own mind, you’ll loosen up and enjoy having an audience. When you’re comfortable enough, try touching yourself during intercourse to help you reach the big O. Talk about freedom!

Take Charge. A lot of our favorite sexual positions work with the man on top, making most of the movements. While it’s nice to lay back and enjoy the ride, sometimes it’s even more fun to control the gears yourself. Get on top and take the reigns and let your guy stare at you in all your glory. Tell him where to touch you and how you like it. Knowing that you have the control will help you let down your guard and have fun. You’ll grow more confident with each stroke.

Cuddle Up. After all that dancing, screaming touching and teasing, you need a little chest time. Afterglow is an essential part of love making. Make sure you squeeze each other tight and savor the sweaty, mind and body melting feelings together. It will reinforce the connection you just made so that you can feel even freer the next go ’round.