Frisky Friday: 5 Bedroom Don’ts
Doug Menuez / Forrester Images

If we’ve learned anything from interviewing men, it’s that confidence is the ultimate turn on. A woman who knows who she is both mentally and sexually is more willing to open up and be herself in the bedroom. But being inundated with messages about what to look like and how to behave with our men can make it difficult for us to feel free during sex. 

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We’ve identified five actions that often keep us from baring our beautiful, bold selves between the sheets. Let them go tonight and show him what you’ve got.

1. Don’t Shut Your Mouth

Silence isn’t always golden. Part of sex is expressing how you feel about your partner and the love that you’re exchanging, so don’t forget to breathe. You’re man wants to know that you’re truly enjoying yourself. Show him how good it feels with heavy, expressive breathing and moaning. When you’re ready add in a little verbal recognition, like, “Damn baby. Your sex is amazing. I’m about to lose control.”

2. Don’t Turn the Lights Off

Men are visual people. Part of what gets your guy hot is watching you lean your head back and swerve your hips from side to side as you enjoy yourself. Well, that gets a bit difficult when the room is pitch black. Don’t be afraid to make love in the broad day light or to leave the lights on when it’s time to get it on.Letting your curves shine can be extremely empowering for you. Being able to see his reactions to your body and your movements will help you feel free.

3. Don’t Forget Where You Are

For some reason women have a harder time remaining present during sex. Don’t let your mind trail off into questions like, “Did I lock the front door?” Sex is one of those activities that is best enjoyed when you live in the moment. If you mind is far away, your partner will sense it and he may feel deflated or just not give it all he’s got. And what’s the point of doing it if you’re not really going to go for it?

4. Don’t Cover Up

The bedroom is no place to be shy. If you’re going to be naked in front of your man, commit to letting it all show. He loves every inch of your sexy parts, from the slopes of your nipples to the curves of your hips. Covering them up with a hand or a blanket will only be frustrating for the both of you.

5. Don’t Keep Your Hands Off of Him

Men are aware that sex is more invasive for us than it is for them. They want to know that we don’t feel like their taking something from us. Making love should be an equal exchange of passion. Show him your enthusiasm by playing an active roll between the sheets. Rub your hands all over him. Help him take off his clothes. Grab his penis, hold it and tell him how much you want it. The truth is, if you don’t feel comfortable doing all of that, you’re likely not ready to have sex with him yet in the first place.


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