We'll Never Be The Same If These Famous Black Couples Ever Get Divorced

These couples embody all of the beauty of #BlackLove and seeing them make it work year after year keeps us believing in love. So, should something life-altering, universe-shattering ever happen and these marriages come to an end, just know, we would never (ever!) be the same.

Lauren Porter Sep, 20, 2016

1 of 10 Vince Bucci/Getty Images

Every time a rumor circulates that their marriage is in trouble, our hearts break just a little. Thankfully they've all been false and their love lives on, but should Will and Jada ever seperate, we will need medical assistance on standby.

2 of 10 Myrna Suarez

Mr. and Mrs. Carter can stay on the run and sip lemonade all they want but they better be by each other's side crazy or drunk in love forever and ever.

3 of 10 Alberto E. Rodriguez

Courtney was right: he does have the hottest chick in the game rocking his chain and she can't ever take it off or we will never recover.

4 of 10 Steve Granitz

The ladies love cool James but none of them love him more than his wife, Simone, and that better not ever ever EVER change. We see you guys!

5 of 10 Joshua Blanchard

The Johnsons are unbreakable and that has to always remain true.

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Twenty years into their marriage and still as happy as ever, it was just crush us to ever see them not by each other's sides.

7 of 10 Gregg DeGuire

Married for 20 years and counting, Morris and his wife's union is clearly rock solid. But, should it ever crack, our recovery process would probably take forever.

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Spike Lee and Tonya Lee Lewis are super woke and in love and it's everything. It can't ever go anywhere. 

9 of 10 Ron Galella

These two are Black film and love royalty. We'd never be the same if the credits rolled on their union. 

10 of 10 Jason Merritt

This is a love that has to last a lifetime. If these two ever part, you'll find us somewhere crying for the rest of eternity.