Nobody makes mood music like R&B singer Trey Songz, and nobody looks better doing it.

His back-to-back hits have dominated the charts year after year since he first popped up on the radar in 2004 with his appropriately titled debut album I Gotta Make It. Since then, the sexy crooner has sang his way right into our hearts one steamy seductive track at a time. And the ladies’ man has a devoted following of female fans (us included!) to prove it. The added bonus: He’s so easy on the eyes and a delight to watch on stage. 

This spring, the man who “Invented Sex” has revealed a more romantic side and wants everyone to know that “Sex Ain’t Better Than Love,” leaving his his fans eagerly awaiting the summer release of his much-anticipated fifth album, Chapter V. In the meantime, are we sharing some super sexy shots of him to hold you over? As Trey would say, “Yuuuup!”

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