Eye Candy: Kwame

Sexual Healing

It’s Monday! Wake up and wipe that crust out of your eyes so you can get a better look at this guy. Meet Kwame Boachie-Adjei—a model, personal trainer and surgery assistant, specializing in the spine. We bet you’d like to play Operation with this NYU Med School graduate.

Firmly Rooted

Kwame is proud to have been born and raised in the West African country of Ghana.

“Culture means everything to me. I have a very strong sence of my background and my roots.”

I Want It All

When it comes to finding a girl, Kwame’s looking for an all-inclusive deal, including mind and soul.

“I like a well-rounded woman, whose spiritual and intelligent with strong values,” he tells us.

Easy Does It

This easy going Taurus describes himself as "laid back.

“I don’t take most thing too seriously but when I Need to, I can focus.”

We’re focused on his chiseled abs and big, strong arms.

Active Lover

Sports play a big part in Kwame’s life. When he’s not training clients, modeling or assisting surgeries, you can find him hitting the slopes with a snowboard, zipping through the streets on his motorbike or lacing up his hiking boots.

He started playing sports in high school, where he took up soccer, ice hockey, track and field, lacrosse and baseball.

Big Brother

Kwame’s not only smart and sexy he’s sensitive to social and health issues. He’s volunteered for the Boy’s and Girl’s Club and Keep a Child Alive.

My Neck, My Back

Kwame, whose dad is a doctor, entered the medical field to help people with spinal problems. He’s traveled to third world countries with non-profit organization Ortho Focus.

I’m dedicated to treating spine and rheumatic conditions from infancy to adulthood in under-served countries."

Top of the List

He’s single and looking for the right one ladies—and while he’s ready and more than capable to hold a girl up, he requires some effort from his lady too.

“The most important thing for me would be mutual support in making each other better people.”

The Total Package

Kwame says being a personal trainer with City Gym Boys is extremely fulfilling for him. He teaches his clients to live by his motto.

“I strive to be a walking Illustration of the Latin saying “Mens Sana In Corpore Sano” (A Healthy Mind in a healthy Body)"

Find Kwame on Myspace or contact him for a training session through City Gym Boys or at kwame1B@gmail.com.

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