A Comedic Connection: Martin Lawrence’s Daughter And Eddie Murphy’s Son Are Dating

The eldest children of comedy legends and friends Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence are dating and they’re “head over heels in LOVE.”

It’s unclear how long Eric Murphy and Jasmine Lawrence have been an item, but things seem to be serious between them. Jasmine shared a birthday message celebrating Eric’s birthday over the weekend and showered him with love, sharing photos of them cute and cuddled up (with great teeth and looking just like their fathers may we add).

“Happy birthday, my love! I’m so incredibly blessed to know you, to love you, and to have you by my side,” she wrote. “Cheers to many more blessings, laughs, and beautiful memories! I love you so much!! 🖤”

In late June, Eric also declared his love for Jasmin on Instagram.

“Head over heels in LOVE with YOU @jasmin_lawrence ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #myotherhalf#equallyyoked#iloveyou”

The posts were the first public acknowledgment of their relationship from both parties.

As mentioned, Eric Murphy (about 32) and Jasmin, 25, are the first children of their star parents. Eric is Eddie’s son with Paulette McNeely and Jasmin is Martin’s daughter with former beauty queen Patricia Southall. Of course, Eddie and Martin are good friends. They worked together on the comedies Boomerang in 1992 and Life in 1999. Murphy was also a guest at Lawrence’s wedding to Shamicka Gibbs in 1997.

As long as these greats have known each other, it’s nice to see that their children have made a connection, too. People are already jumping the gun and saying if they marry and have kids, those children will likely be hilarious. While that may be true, let’s let them enjoy taking things one day at a time and continue being young and in love.


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