Eboni K. Williams Broke Off Engagement Because Fiancé Quarantined With His Not-So-Little Kids
Getty/Sophy Holland/Bravo

Journalist and attorney Eboni K. Williams, who recently made her debut on Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York to rave reviews as the first Black cast member, revealed she’s newly single after breaking off her engagement. The reason for the breakup was quarantine not going as planned for Williams and her then-beau.

The State of the Culture host broke the news during a visit to The Wendy Williams Show last week to promote Season 13 of the Housewives franchise. The former couple was doing wedding planning before the pandemic began and had been together for four years.

“This quarantine, I think, like a lot of couples, it made us tell the truth about our relationship,” she told Williams before revealing he left her in NYC to go to New Jersey to quarantine with his children, the majority of which are grown up.

“He actually did not quarantine with me. He has three children, two of which are young adults, and he chose to quarantine in New Jersey with his semi-adult children,” she said. “For me — listen, I’m not a parent. I get that they’re number one. But I need to be number one, Wendy, and I wasn’t number one, so I needed to move on.”

She came to this realization after six months of not quarantining with her fiancé.

“I still was holding out hope. We were doing the couple’s counseling and everything,” she said. “He’s a lovely man, just wasn’t for me. He’s older. He’d been there, done that. Didn’t really want a new baby and all that stuff. I want that stuff, Wendy.”

With that said, Williams says she’s interested in seeing what, as in who, is out there to get to know next. She’s fully vaccinated and not necessarily eager to mingle, but knows she needs to put herself out there as “outside” opens back up in New York City.

“I’m an introvert,” she says, “but I know the man’s not going to come knocking on my door. So I have to get out.”


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