We love to see a power couple unite and make major business moves together. Ray Chew and Vivian Scott Chew aren’t just a model couple in the entertainment industry, they’re very successful business partners too. Chew is an accomplished musician, composer, producer, and currently in his eighth season serving as music director for ABC’s Dancing with The Stars. He previously worked on American Idol. Scott Chew has an impressive resume to match her husband’s. She has had many successes throughout her career in the entertainment business, and she brings a unique mix of experience as a former music executive at Polygram Records as Director of A&R, followed by a stint at Epic Records as Vice President of A&R, and Head of Urban at 550/Sony Music. She’s also the Founder and Principal of TimeZone International. Together the couple owns Chew Entertainment, an event production firm. Along with the pair’s love for music, they also share an unbreakable love and admiration for one another that is sure to inspire other couples who hustle side by side. We caught up with the power couple to talk love, marriage and music.

We are so inspired by your love story and always up for a good one! Tell us how you all met, and how you both knew that you met that special “one”.

Viv: We both met years before we were romantically together. With both of us being in the music business, our paths crossed often. I had a crush on him when we were on the road together…he was Ashford and Simpson’s music director and I was the assistant to a recording artist/producer. He “claims” he didn’t know! Our first “unofficial date” was Friday, December the 13th! We were engaged the following March and married 6 months later. That was 20 years ago.

Ray: Viv and I met early in our separate careers and we admired each other from afar, personally and professionally. Then ten years later, we had an occasion to come together at the sick bed of a mutual friend of ours, where we then started socially bonding and ultimately dating. It kind of went into fast mode because we already felt we knew each other with the years we had known one another, and then shortly after, we were engaged and then married.

Viv: I knew that he was the one, when we would leave each other and all I could think about was when we were going to be together again.

Ray: I don’t think you always automatically know. It’s a leap of faith. You must believe in the person you ultimately think they are. But I do remember waking up one morning looking at her, and thinking, I never wanted to wake up another morning without her by my side.

Music brings various cultures together, and it’s said that within your album, Two Beats, One Soul, best represents the marriage of Cuban and American influences. How does this collaboration that you all produced best represent your marriage, and what was the inspiration behind the vision?

Ray: I equate this project to be a “stew” of musical sounds from both the US and Cuba. A real coming together. Vivian and I come from two different backgrounds; have had two different upbringings and two very separate mindsets. But once we locked, we locked…truly to become one, but with total respect for each other’s individualism. Viv: People normally assume that because Ray is the music maker in the family, that I have no creative input in the projects we work on together (in addition to this project, we also produce shows together). It was my idea to do a project in Cuba. I had been there in 1999, and was totally intrigued. But Ray really respects my creative side, and allows me a full voice in all we do together. Two minds…two hearts…one soul.  

How do you all balance your business relationship and personal relationship within your marriage, as there can be a lot of challenges in business in general, and what keeps you motivated to continue pushing forward?

Ray: Well…it’s very difficult to strike a balance. You must be able to partition personal from business, and then ultimately, they blend, and you must be willing to navigate the blurred lines with the sense of humor. A sense of humor keeps things moving.

Viv: Balance for me is for us to put our devices down, and shut off our work minds, when we go upstairs to our bedroom. What keeps us motivated to keep pushing forward? I can’t think of any other business partner that I would want to be a part of my professional career. Even though we don’t agree all the time, we always work it out…even if we agree to disagree. Ray has taught me the importance of compromise, picking my battles, and not sweating the small stuff.

The dynamics of your relationship are very intriguing. What are some tips of wisdom that you can give to us for those individuals who are searching for their life long soul mate?

Ray: Never take your partner for granted. Take a long view approach to things and not be short sited about things. Viv: 1. I always tell people “treat him like he’s your boyfriend” and go back to those very first things you were doing when you were trying to get him. 2. Communication, communication, communication. You gotta’ talk it out.

Do you have any holiday traditions that you enjoy doing together as a couple during this time of the year?

Viv & Ray: We always have a big gathering at our home with friends and family for Thanksgiving. Christmas is usually very quiet, just the two of us, and we look forward to our annual getaway outside of the country where we bring in the New Year.

Be sure to check out the official video for Louie Vega’s “The World Is A Family”, featuring Josh Milan, which is the lead single on Ray and Vivian’s executive produced album, Two Beats, One Soul.

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