Diddy Learned His Daughters’ Dance Routine And The Video Will Make Your Monday
Jon Kopaloff
Diddy really has this fatherhood thing down to a science.  
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  The music mogul has been playing the roles of both mother and father since the passing of his ex-girlfriend Kim Porter last November. As you can probably tell, he’s handling the adjustment like a pro. Not only does he manage to take his twin girls, Jessie and D’Lila, to school every morning, but he’s also heavily involved in their extra-curricular activities as well. Over the weekend, Diddy put in some rehearsal time with the girls as they practiced for their school’s rendition of Dreamgirls.  Watch him shake and shimmy right alongside with his pre-teens, making sure they have every step down pat. Too. Cute. For Words. On show day, Diddy came bearing flowers for his daughters and their friend for a job well done. Diddy Way to go, girls! Since the death of their mom, Diddy has made it a point to keep his childrens’ activities schedules full. On top of that, the Bad Boy founder serves as his kids’ own personal hype man (couldn’t we all use one!). He also makes it a point to thank the man upstairs for the tremendous blessing that are his kids. Keep up the great work, Dad!


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