Detroit Couple Gets Wedding ‘Redo’ After Internet Critics Ruined Their First One
Not all weddings go exactly as planned, and sometimes events and circumstances that are out of one’s control can take away from the magic of the day. Luckily for one Detroit couple, they got a second chance to a redo their wedding day which was tainted by Internet trolls. For their first wedding, Laquint and Janae Rhodes married in a charming, intimate wedding ceremony surrounded by family and close friends. Despite the fact that they were dealing with sudden family emergencies and financial strain and under a lot of stress, they decided to tie the knot anyway and just focus on taking their relationship to the next step. “For about a week or two straight it was all guilt, a ball of emotions, but not happy, we couldn’t really be happy,” the bride told their local FOX affiliate. “Most of the time it’s about finances, it’s about the right venue, everything didn’t matter. We both woke up and were like let’s just do it,” Janae shared. And, so they did, but not without more drama. The night of their wedding reception, their 6-year-old son had gotten into a swimming accident, and their minds were elsewhere as they worried about his recovery. After the wedding, the newlyweds took to social media to share their happiness, but much to their surprise, their wedding pictures weren’t positively received. In fact the Rhodes were taunted and mocked online by critics. “We were hurt, we were confused, we were sad,” Janae told reporters. Soon after hearing about the unfortunate online reactions to the Rhodes family wedding, Oh So Radio host, Randi Rossario stepped in to help the couple. “I can imagine going viral for something bad and negative and then have that other personal blow, I just felt like I wanted to help them,” Randi Rossario shared. The Rhodes family were recently gifted a “redo” wedding. Local businesses all contributed to their very special day, making their second wedding absolutely perfect. “Oh my God, oh can’t nobody say anything about Detroit probably the last week we’ve been smiling non-stop, like a kid before Christmas, a kid on the first day of school that’s the best way to describe our emotions today,” Rhodes said. The Rhodes family was also gifted an all-expense paid trip to Montego Bay in celebration of their love and marriage. The bride said she’s happy that she and her husband were able to take back the narrative of their wedding story. “[I feel] appreciative thankful, grateful, not so much for the first one I had no voice, I have a voice this time, Janae told FOX.

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