If you thought Carlton Morton from Netflix’s Love Is Blind looked familiar, you’re absolutely right. The reality star’s first foray into television was via Real Housewives of Atlanta when he was employed as Cynthia Bailey’s assistant. His most memorable scene happened as he and costar Kenya Moore clashed at a Bailey Agency audition. Morton let Moore know that he thought she was being rude to the contestants (many of them had never modeled before) and she wasn’t here for his feedback.

Allow us to refresh your memory:

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Fast-forward to present day, Morton is now popularly known for his dramatic breakup with ex-fiancée Diamond Jack. Morton dated Jack, but did not reveal he was bisexual until after their engagement. After disclosing his sexuality, Morton met with his then fiancée to discuss the future of their relationship, which erupted into a heated argument. Many viewers felt he was out of line for calling Jack a “bitch” and insulting the appearance of her wig, which he apologized for during the reunion. What fans of the show have been wondering, though, is what Morton’s former boss thinks of his dramatic breakup. Well, wonder no more.

During a recent appearance on What What Happens Live, Bailey was asked by a fan for her thoughts and opinions about Morton’s appearance on Love Is Blind. It was a question she anticipated, saying, “I did watch the show. Looking on the bright side of what I took from the show, I’m glad he came out and is free to be himself and who he wants to be. I don’t agree with the way he handled things, obviously, toward the end of his time on the show.”

Despite her disproval of Morton’s behavior, Bailey and Morton still have a personal relationship. “I’ve been talking to him and trying to give him some positive counsel because he’s been going through a really tough time.”

Morton has made no secret of the difficulty he’s having dealing with the backlash from his appearance on the show. In an alarming tweet, he revealed, “I don’t want to be here.” He later caught up with TMZ to reveal that he’s currently in therapy. “I’m dealing with this the best that I can,” he said on camera.