25 Celebrity Couples Who Love Being In Love

From romantic vacations to cozy date nights, love sure looks good on these famous couples.

Charli Penn May, 31, 2016

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The altar-bound couple are internet and social medial darlings--fans can't seem to get enough of their love, and who can blame them? The pair, who have pledged abstinence until marriage, have a truly romantic love story. Raise your hand if you want to get swept off of your feet by a star quarterback with brawn, brains and beauty?

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The faith-based entertainment power couple have shared their love story as inspiration for many, and when they're not working, they're side-by-side teaching other couples about the power of a faith-based partnership. We only have one word for these two: Aww!

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The Harveys have it all: wealth, success, family and each other. Is it really a surprise that they're always glowing.

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The Wades are always hand-in-hand or side-by-side showing fans just how well marriage suits them.

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Happily together since 2010, beautiful couple Nia Long and fiancé Ime Udoka are always radiant when they're together. The love always seems to shine through!

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Whether they're jetsetting for the weekend or spending quality time with family and friends at home in Atlanta, the reality stars stay close, happy and smiling on Instagram.

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The musical lovebirds make it no secret that their love is here to stay.

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The actress, her hubby, and their one-year-old daughter Lennox, are absolutely adorable as they celebrate their love on the go. The globe-trotting couple never miss a picture-perfect moment.

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Sure Tisha and Duane are actors, but when you see their love on the go, rest assured that it's no performance. The couple will celebrate 20 years of marital bliss this summer.

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Tamia's known to serenade her husband and post it online and when it comes to his gorgeous wife of 17 years, Mr. Hill is all smiles.

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They're known as one of the First Couples of the NBA, and for good reason. LaLa loves Carmelo and Carmelo loves LaLa, and no matter where they are, they make sure you know it. Married for five happy years and counting, the Anthonys clearly have what it takes.

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It looks like Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Kenya Moore has finally found her prince charming. The actress and her fitness expert beau, Matt Jordan, are still going strong and loving it.

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Since first tying the knot in 2011, actress Niecy Nash and her hubby, Jay Tucker have exemplified the joy and beauty of Black love.

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Before becoming new parents this year, the Legends were already known for putting their love on display on social media with sweet photos, funny videos and cute captions, and now they've upped their family cuteness factor by thousands. We can feel the love.

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The Currys complete each other, and their pure, innocent and family-first love has already inspired thousands. We can't wait to see what their future holds.

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From the incredible home birth of their baby to their love-dovey date night moments on IG, this young and in love couple puts the "H" in happy.

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Mama Knowles knows best. If you're not following these lovebirds, and their sassy date nights and Instavideos, you should be. Their newlywed glow is everything!

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Married 10 years this year (yay!), the Epps make marriage look easy.

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Married. In Love. Happy. Proud parents. When you think of the Hardricts, these four things immediately come to mind because it's what their Instagram feeds are all about. Guys, we love the message, and we hear you loud and clear.

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The newlyweds can't keep their hands off each other, and why would they? They're clearing madly in love and loving it.

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The Bridges love to globe-trot and they can't get enough of capturing precious moments with each other.


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Hip hop's hot couple keeps the sexy selfies coming, and they support each other no matter what.

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In addition to juggling busy schedules and parenting, the partners-in-crime keep the spice and romance in their marriage by never forgetting to make time for each other and maintaining a fun an flirty element of surprise. Most recently, Housely surprised his wife with an anniversary party to remember.

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Production power couple, Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil, are taking over Hollywood together and looking more in love than ever. Now that is the definition of winning.

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Lance Gross and his wife Rebecca recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary. The actor-turned-photographer and his leading lady are big on romantic gestures and photo shoots.


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