The next time you need a little “alone time”, we have just the trick.

Finally a vibrator that will please you aesthetically and sexually! Crave, the company who brought women that sleek Vesper wearable vibrator necklace they can’t stop talking about is at it again with their new Wink Plus Vibrator. And trust us, as far as adult toys go, you’ll really want to play with this one, and here’s why: It’s so uniquely designed you won’t even realize it’s a vibrator and it’s the perfect find for any woman who wants her private time to be quiet time too. You can’t hear this thing at all.

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It’s made with high quality metals and includes five different power settings offered in three color options, all of which make seeking pleasure  powerful, pretty and convenient. Yes, please!

Worried about leaving it lying around your place? Don’t. It will definitely blend in with your everyday decor.

Ready for an unapologetic euphoric experience? Pre-order yours here