Ciara and Russell Wilson bring so much joy to our timelines as they showcase their beautiful growing family. While soaking in the joys of motherhood and welcoming her third baby, Win, into the family, the “Rooted” singer has also been striving to get back in tip top shape.

Ciara is officially the newest global ambassador for WW (formerly Weight Watchers). Through this partnership, the 34-year-old mom of three hopes to level up her nutrition game by incorporating a more “realistic” diet plan into her routine.

“I’ve always appreciated being in shape—I’m ready to get back at it and lose the baby weight,” Ciara said in a statement with WW. “But I’m also very aware that my life is more eventful with three kids, so a restrictive lifestyle doesn’t work for me anymore.”

Ciara admits that with her past two pregnancies, she was a bit of an “extremist” during her quest to shed the post-baby weight. She’s now finding her balance by “learning how to make the best choices for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.”

In an exclusive interview with People, Ciara says that she gained between 60-65 pounds during each of her pregnancies. Though she’s already lost around 20 pounds through healthy eating and working out with celebrity trainer Decker Davis, she acknowledges that losing the remaining 48 pounds is “going to be challenging.”

However, its a challenge she’s up for. “When you make it fun, it feels a bit easier. Remind yourself that it’s going to be challenging along the way, but you can conquer it all,” she told the magazine.


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