Inexpensive Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Hot Sex–Low Cost


Every couple looks for ways to heat things up in the bedroom from time to time. But let’s face it, in a recession, we can’t always book a night at a hotel or buy expensive lingerie to save our sex lives. But our adventurous sides can still thrive on the cheap.

We’ve thought of a few ways to get it on and popping with out blowing your paycheck.

All Tied Up


Don’t have any fancy hand-cuffs on hand. Get creative with your restraints. You probably have some twine or cloth rope lying around in your garage. If not, hit up your local hardware. This LeHigh 420′ Medium Weight Cotton Twine is only $2.24 at Lowes. Tie him to the bed post, play Janet Jackson’s Rope Burn” and see how fast things heat up.

Act Like A Boy


We’ll let you in on a little secret–men love cross dressers. No really, put on his dress shirt and listen to him beg you to unbutton it.

Give Him the Red Light Special


Lighting can be a major mood enhancer. Get home early and swap out that bright white light for a soft, red one, like this Sylvania Red Led G30 Specialty Bulb from Lowes ($7.98) and tell him you’re his “Private Dancer.”

Play With Your Food


Ok. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. If you don’t have time to chase down pricey chocolate body sauce from the sex shop, pick up a jar of Nutella the next time you’re at the supermarket. You can always transfer he chocolate-hazelnut into a pretty little glass bown to make it look fancy before bringing it into the bedroom. Besides, you won’t care that it was $3.79 instead of $20-something when he’s licking it off of you.

Smooth Moves


Lubrication can be the perfect oil to get your and your parter’s engines going again. Try K-Y’s Yours+Mine Couples Lubricants at $15.99.

Slide On a Second Skin


Nothing feels like a pair of Wolford stockings. But if you can’t go for that, he’ll still love rubbing his hands along your stems in a pair of sexy nylons. These Ravinia thigh-high’s are only $2.69 at Walgreens.

Get Oiled Up


Expensive, luxurious body oils are dreamy, but if your wallet can’t stomach spending $30 or more on massage oil, grab that Neutrogena Body Oil ($8.99) that you use after you shave from the bathroom cabinet and bring it into the bedroom.

Ante Up


Games are always a good way to bring some new excitement into your sex life. How about a naughty game of strip poker? These Bicycle Pinochle Playing Cards are only $3.49 and the kids don’t have to know why mommy and daddy took them out of the den.

Feel the Vibes


Let’s face it. A vibrator for two can be a major investment. While you save up for your We Vibe II ($99), grab these vibrating rings from Lifestyles at $7.99 each and shake things up.


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