15 Celebs We Wouldn't Mind Crashing Our Wedding (and Why)

If we had to share the spotlight on our big day, these are the only celebrities we'd let steal the show. See who made our list, and why!

Lauren Porter Aug, 16, 2016

1 of 14 Karwai Tang

Queen Bey could steal the moment on our big day and we wouldn’t mind. If she hopped on the mic and sang “Love on Top,” we wouldn’t object not one bit. 


2 of 14 Chip Somodevilla

Could you imagine if POTUS or FLOTUS crashed your wedding and gave a speech in honor of you and the groom?! We could cry just thinking about it. 


3 of 14 Kevin Mazur

A simple piano solo from Mr. Wonder would cause us to enter life in wedded bliss with nothing but pure joy. Not to mention a simple request for him to sing "As," "Knocks Me Off My Feet," "All I Do" and basically his whole discography. That's not too much to ask is it?! 


4 of 14 Jason Merritt

It would be truly wonderful if Ms. Winfrey would grace out wedding with her presence and happily gift everyone a car. We can hear her saying “You get a car!” right now. 


5 of 14 Kevin Winter

Proud new father and award-winning entertainer John Legend will grace the Main Stage with his presence for this year's musical festivities.

6 of 14 Karwai Tang

A stunning Serena Williams introduces Beyonce’s highly-anticipated performance.

7 of 14 Johnny Nunez

We would give a lot to have a custom Kanye set list debut at during a wedding reception. Yeezy would make a dope DJ.


8 of 14 Jason Merritt

How great would it be if the Empire actress came through post “I Do’s?” The party would be too lit!


9 of 14 Brad Barket

An introduction from Miss Jay would just be everything dreams are made of!


10 of 14 David Livingston

A sweet serenade of the “Kiss of Life” would be the perfect present. 


11 of 14 Jim Spellman

An impromptu comedic toast would be unforgettable. We’ll mark Kev done for “yes!”


12 of 14 Patricia Schlein/Star Max

We’d love to dance the night away with the Fame actress. She sure could teach us a few moves.


13 of 14 Prince Williams

Only DJ Khaled could drop a major key during the nuptials to give us his blessing. He’s smart, he’s loyal. We’re here for it!


14 of 14 Leon Bennett

We won’t quite need her to come fix our lives but if she could say “beloved” into the mic a few times we’d be satisfied. 


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