Single This Holiday? 8 Perks to Ending 2017 Solo
Charreah K. Jackson
Tis the season for everybody to wonder what’s going on in your personal life. And if you have chosen to not be in a relationship this holiday, CONGRATS. This is the best time in history to be a single woman. We have the most opportunity of any women before us and access to a worldwide dating pool thanks to the internet. This is my first time being single during the holidays in a few years and it has been a gift. Here are eight surprising perks to being solo during the holidays. #1 Your Best Self Is Here The best gift we ever get is time. As the world slows down during the holidays, this is the perfect time to focus solely on yourself to reflect on 2017 and plot for the new year arriving. Jumpstart your 2018 with some quality me time to journal and plan.  And if you are not totally sure what your heart wants, find out with a free report at #2 Your Sexy is Still Flowing Not being in a relationship is the perfect time to tap deeper into our sensual selves. Give yourself permission to write down all of your fantasies and discover the places you like to be touched. The more we love on ourselves, the easier it is for us to receive love from others. Consider a class or workshop to tap into your sexy. My burlesque teacher Chicava has a new online course called Sacred Burlesque. #3 Get Your Upgrade If you are traveling solo, you are primed to walk right by some crying babies into seat upgrades and have the most flexibility for an enhanced experience. And while you are in a more roomy seat, say hello to your seatmates. Travel hubs are one of my favorite hot spots to meet someone. #4 Love is Looking For You  The holidays can bring out your best. And owning your single season can make you magnetic.  In my free online workshop, Ignite My Love Life I share 6 steps to attract quality singles and opportunity. What you are seeking is seeking you. #5 Enjoy An Army of Matchmakers The season’s many social gatherings are the perfect opportunity to expand your social circle and catch up with familiar faces. Be sure to let people know you are open to meeting someone amazing. You never know what can happen when you own your single status – Meghan Markle met Prince Harry through mutual friends. #justsaying #6 Say Hello to Stacked Coins The most important thing we do while single is develop habits that enforce our own power. That way when the right one appears, we are already clear on how we are to be treated. Decide to not get caught up in the commercial frenzy of the holidays and choose to conserve your spending and save. Let friends and family know you are opting out of gifting – or delaying if you choose to grab a few items on sale after. As the philosopher Kanye West once said, your presence is a present. #7 Your Space is Yours The more space we create in our lives, the more we can receive. Get a head start on the New Year by purging your space of reminders of old relationships, broken items and anything you no longer need. Be sure to clean out from under your bed to release any blocked energy. #8 Treat Yo Self The single season is underrated. Not having the responsibility of the needs of another person is prime time to fall in love with yourself and discover the things you love. Take advantage of the after Christmas sales to spoil yourself just a little. Pre-order your copy of the Treat Yo Self originator Retta’s upcoming book So Close to Being the Sh*t, Y’all Don’t Even Know and grab some new lingerie to step into 2018 feeling magical. A woman turned on by her own life is unstoppable. Charreah K. Jackson is ESSENCE Senior Editor, Lifestyle & Relationships and author of Boss Bride: The Powerful Woman’s Playbook for Love & Success (now available for pre-order). Check out her free dating workshop for single women at