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Can Phaedra Really Pray Away The Pain From Kenya's Betrayal?

Prayer was no match for Phaedra and Kenya's feud. Can you relate?


Can you really pray away your feelings from a friend’s betrayal? They say friends that pray together stay together but that didn’t seem like the case for Real Housewives of Atlanta castmates Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore.

During part one of the first reunion special Andy Cohen had the ladies once again attempt to hash out the differences between them that arose from this season’s divorce party fiasco and to address how fast their friendship fizzled this season. We learned that Phaedra really had not forgiven Kenya for her past flirtations wither her estranged husband Apollo or her poor taste in party planning. “She texted my husband and that’s a fact. When we were in Anguilla, she asked if we wanted to have a threesome,” Phaedra explained.

The band-aid was ripped off and all Phaedra could do was bring up the past again because it appears to still be causing her pain. Like the rest of us watching, Kenya thought that all was forgiven because in past episodes she and Phaedra had put the water under the bridge and agreed to move on their tumultuous past. We all witnessed the two ladies pray together and make up from the shade throwing, name calling, and petty behavior but the divorce party fiasco resurfaced old wounds that Phaedra just could not forget.

Shouldn’t prayer have worked to mend this former friendship? “You can’t erase the past,” Phaedra claimed. One thing was for sure for anyone watching last night’s reunion, kick-off, Phaedra may have forgiven Kenya, but she just can’t forget about her text messages with her soon-to-be ex husband Apollo and the damage she believes it caused their marriage. We already knew that Thelma and Louise were no longer, but is there a chance that the pair can try for a spiritual refresh again? Phaedra told Andy she would be open to praying with Kenya again if she asked, to which Kenya replied: “I didn’t.” Welp, there you have it folks. Cans the right prayer truly help two people put the past behind them? What happens when there are other relationships at stake? What you would do if you were in Phaedra’s shoes. Even with prayer and good intentions. these two on-again-off-again “friends’ couldn’t get over what happened, but have you ever been able to pray past the pain of a friend betraying you or your relationship?





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