Can You Guess Which State Has The Largest Engagement Rings?
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As the wise Queen Bey once said, “if he liked it then he should’ve put a ring on it,” and in one state some lucky men went for the biggest bling when buying their lady loves a ring. According to research from Refinery29 and sustainable jewelry company Brilliant Earth, California reigns supreme with the biggest diamond puchases based on average carat size. 

That’s right, the California kings know how to make their queen’s finger shine bright with a diamond. Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, New York and Nevada round out the top five for blowing a jewelry budget out of the water. 

Brilliant Earth asked brides around the country about color, cut and carat clarity. Of the 30,000 data points collected, research found that more brides are opting for colored gem stones like emerald, ruby and sapphire. Shaped stones are gaining popularity, too.

Pear and oval cuts are all the rage these days but the classic cushion cut or solitaire set still remain as a top option for ring shape. 

When it comes to rocking “something old” on their wedding day, some brides have that something on their ring finger. 

Wyoming is the top state for vintage committment jewelry sales with grooms asking their brides-to-be with a ring that’s dated but timeless. Brides from Idaho and Arizona are styled with more traditional cuts.

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Brilliant Earth co-CEO Beth Gerstein said that more and more women of a certain age have chosen the ring they’ll wear forever based on taste. “Many millennials want a distinctive engagement ring to express their personal style and values. Choosing colored gemstones, unique design elements, or vintage rings gives these customers a chance to put a personal touch on such a meaningful purchase.”

What kind of ring are you rocking? If you could chose all over again, would you pick a ring of a different style?