Guests Gone Wild! Brides Reveal Rude Guests' Worst Behavior

Just in time for wedding season, former brides reveal their guests' worst behavior so you don't make the same mistakes. 



Charli Penn Jun, 22, 2016

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"About a year after my wedding, a close friend who was in attendance shared that another guest had some not-so-nice remarks about my reception at their table. "This is so unorganized. Why doesn't anyone know what's going on?" she expressed in disgust. Her complaints apparently continued for several minutes and were in reference to some confusion between our ceremony and cocktail hour. This complainer is the wife of one of my husband's best friends, so we've been in each other's presence since the wedding. She has no idea I know about her outbursts. Poor thing."

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"One of my husband's childhood friends is a party promoter. He took it upon himself to hand out flyers for his own upcoming party at our wedding—during the cocktail reception! He put flyers on all the tables. My planner had to go around and pick each one up. Like, WTH?"

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"I had a longtime friend who was invited to the wedding. I had only met her boyfriend twice, so I didn't include him. My friend called and said she was mad that he didn't get invited. I told her my husband-to-be had never met him, she wasn't married and I didn't have the budget to add him. She then tried to navigate around me by asking my aunt if she could use her extra invite. She jumped through these hoops behind my back to get him a seat. She ended up coming to the wedding and not staying for the reception, and as revenge didn't invite me to her wedding. Ouch!"

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"I have to say it was particularly perplexing and downright rude when one of our guests took a few bottles of alcohol from the bar at the end of our rehearsal dinner. Let's face it: Taking booze is way different than taking the flowers after big events because liquor isn't thrown away at the end of the night. Furthermore, the rehearsal dinner was at our family home, so we paid good money for those bottles and maybe, just maybe, we actually wanted to keep them for our own enjoyment. Can I get a witness?"

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"Ten percent of our wedding guests RSVP'd yes but then didn't show up. We wasted thousands of dollars on their empty seats, and the money could have gone toward our honeymoon. If they weren't planning to come, fine. We wouldn't have cared. But saying you'll come and then you don't—now that's upsetting."

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"My husband's cousin went and changed his clothes from a suit after the ceremony into full-on club clothes—sneakers included—for the reception. Needless to say, he was very out of place as we partied with our well-dressed guests."

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"One of our groomsmen, my husband's god brother, was so late that we started without him and had to have an usher stand in for him at the altar. We were more than halfway through the ceremony before he showed up. He slipped in as I was doing my vows. Seriously, he should have been on time."

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"My husband's female cousin invited him and several other male guests to go out with her after the wedding—on my wedding night. Invited my new husband out to the "club"—but just him, not me."

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"We said "adults only" on our wedding invitations, but a family member showed up with a small child anyway and then left right after the cocktail hour. They broke our rules and then flaked out on the plate. It was so disrespectful."

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"My mother actually wore black because she hated the lavender dress I had selected for her."


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