5 of 34 By My Side

Tammi and her bridesmaid look beautiful!

How goregous were the flowers featured during the Fumberi wedding!

7 of 34 Sister Squad

Tammi's bridesmaids included both she and Hervé's sisters and one of her very good friends! Have to keep the family close!

8 of 34 Touch of Bling

Tammi's bouquet featured crystal embellished vendela roses.

9 of 34 Family's All Here

The love is felt even in the photo!

10 of 34 Let God Fill this Place

Under a gorgeous gazebo, Tammi and Hervé swapped "I Dos"  in front of God, their family and friends. 

11 of 34 Good Laughs Only

Laughter and love on Tammi's big day is all a bride needs!

12 of 34 Lovely Ladies

These ladies better werk in their gorgeous blue dresses!

13 of 34 White Hot

Tammi and Hervé chose white flowers for their modern elegant day and the bundles of flowers were just beautiful. 

14 of 34 Picture Perfect

Mr. and Mrs. Fumberi are surrounded by love as their wedding party stands by their side!

15 of 34 One Unit, One Love

Hervé and Tammi and thier entire bridal party are beautiful!

16 of 34 Walks to You

Tammi and Hervé dated for 15 months before he popped the question. The wait to walk down the aisle to officially lasted 6 months for their engagement!

17 of 34 You and I

"I knew that God would fulfill His promise for me, so when Hervé entered into my life I knew that it was confirmation," said the bride of her new husband. 

18 of 34 In Our Shoes

Side by side, this bride and groom rocked some great shoes on their big day!

19 of 34 Over the Moon, Here with You

During the ceremony, the couple honored God bringing them together in Holy Matrimony.

20 of 34 Looking Out for You

"Yes I believed that I would find my life partner when I was ready to receive and reciprocate the love," said Hervé.

21 of 34 Grand and Gorgeous

As if this wedding couldn't get any more beautifull, the centerpieces included a crystal cut stand with Vendela Roses, White Spray Roses, White Hydrangea, White Stock, White Snapdragon, and Queen Ann’s Lace arrangement surrounded by four votive candles around base.    


22 of 34 Love for a Lifetime

"I love her smile, grace, big heart and most importantly her love of God and strong family values," said the groom of his bride. 

23 of 34 Guest Galore

180 guests helped Hervé and Tammi celebrate their wedded bliss on their big day!

24 of 34 Witness this Union

The programs for the couple's day were timeless!

25 of 34 Seated for Love

The placecards for the reception definitely fit the modern elegant theme of the big day!

26 of 34 Delectable and Delicious

The Fumberi's wedding cake was a four tiered vanilla cake with strawberry and whipped cream filling and buttercream frosting. Yum!

27 of 34 Dance the Night Away

As the couple entered the reception for the first time as husband and wife, "Yori Yori" by Bracket played.

28 of 34 Love Divine

For their first dance, Mr. and Mrs. Fumberi danced to “The One He Kept for Me” by Maurette Brown Clark.

29 of 34 Sensational Smiles

"I smiled the entire night simply because I felt SO LOVED!" said Tammi

30 of 34 His Queen

"Very attractive, witty, passionate, imaginative, profound and charitable," said Hervé. "She’s my knockout."

31 of 34 Let the Good Times Roll

Time to boogie!

32 of 34 Fun Times Ahead

Some of the guests sure know how to party!

33 of 34 Best Kisses

Hervé and Tammi had a modern elegant affair that was sealed with the sweetest of kisses. 

34 of 34 At Last

"I love that he values God, family, and treats me like a queen," says Tammi. 

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